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  • Hi.
    Do you want a signature/avatar which match to each other, here?
    Or do you want a wallpaper/banner etc something like that?
    I Will sure make a one to you.
    You just only have to show me some picture and text you want in!

    hey, im doing fine thank you.
    i was devasted at first, just like everyone else. took ages to sink in and spent 2 days mourning over it.
    how are you doing?
    Ooh sweet, I should really buy a pair of binoculars because I'm so far away from the stage!

    I'm going with my brother and 2 of my friends are going as well but we don't have the same seats because I couldn't trust them to order the tickets! They couldn't be bothered to wake up on time and ordered them in the afternoon whereas I was awake from 6am on the wednesday morning :laugh:

    I actually can't wait! This is going to be the highlight of my summer and definetly a moment I will cherish forever! You know how some members have posted about their epxeriences of the Bad tours? Well I'm hoping it will be the same for me! I want to tell my children about it and will hopefully upload lots of videos on Youtube for fans to watch from all over the world! :lol: :heart:

    :happy: xoxo
    Umm BK 417, Row T Seats 850-851 :laugh:

    I'm really high up!

    Who are you going with? Are you near the front then?

    :D xoxo
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