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  • How is my Poposis? :hug: My dear pingüinilla I had a great day with my sis today!! And I missed you! :heart: Have a wonderful day and hope to see you!

    :hysterical: we should call 911 :lmao:


    Thanks for hugs :huggy: it should help me a little with pain :happy: :hug:
    hahahahahahahahahah you're playing with the fire now! :she_devil: :toofunny: MOJA DROGA :lmao: ('my way' pffff! :sleep: :p)

    I'm still over the should feel sorry for me :weeping: and what are you doing now?! Making fun of me :sleep:

    :nana: :lmao:

    What a girl!!!!!!! help... :help: :toofunny:
    :toofunny: cuz it depends of the main sentence context :lol:

    Google gave me these meanings:
    1. way +
    2. road +
    3. route +
    4. path +
    5. distance +/-
    6. pathway +
    7. means -
    8. highway +
    9. track -/+
    10. course :unsure: :crazy:
    11. avenue +/ - (better say 'aleja')
    12. tract (can be but... I wouldn't use it!)
    13. high road (the same as 'road')
    14. duct (naaaah) -

    Half of them are incorrect or very rarely in use :lol: and Google still hasn't given me this meaning I used in our sentence!!! Stupid!! :p

    'moja droga' means 'my dear'. Droga - road but also someone darling, or a car can be 'drogi' which means 'expensive' :lmao: many meanings :D

    The whole sentence:

    Don't niggle over details my dear! :lol: See the difference? :p

    Aww! :better: don't worry the gym won't run away :toofunny: (I guess :unsure::p) if not today, then maybe tomorrow :hug:

    PS. :beee: :lmao:
    'droga' has many meanings, which meaning do you know? well your uncle Google knows but 'he' sucks :toofunny:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaa shut up!!! :toofunny: I meant... WHEN are you going TO gym? :sleep: :girl_tantrum: ahahahahha :lmao: I don't wanna know WHERE...cuz I don't live there (sadly! :sigh: :p)

    :lmao: nie czepiaj się szczegółów moja droga! :fear: ha ha ha many special letters in this one lalala :girl_whistle: wanna one word? ohhh so sorry you've one sentence in present simple tense :lmao:

    It's my answer to your 'gym problem' :sleep: you know what I meant!!! :lmao:

    PS. :hug: thank you Pretty, I know you didn't know :) need some time to know each other ;)
    Answering for your question about pills :) Nope, I can't if I would take I'll do for sure, don't like to suffer on purpose :lol: ...but don't wanna have anaphylactic shock again :( I could lose my life 4 times some years ago!'s a serious problem. When I take a painkillers then I've this shock, which means I swell very fast, in 20 minutes you can't breathe cuz your larynx is swollen. The same situation with eyes, mouth... :( problems with breathing and you need to call 911 as fast as you can! They'll give you a medicine called 'hydrocortisone' which is for anaphylaxis. Now you do know... What would you do in my position? I guess the same! :hug: Avoid painkillers and suffering... better than being dead :) I've no choice and no say... LIFE! I love and enjoy life too much to take a risk all the time when I need a pill :hug:
    With beauty care? mhmhmmmmm :lol: :shifty: Ladies leisure :D where are you going to gym? :naughty: Now I've to wait with my swimming :bomb: great! :sleep: nice to be a woman! :lmao:

    For sneeze no medicine, no clue :lol:...but for chills...I've one good idea :shifty: :lmao: you've to meet a nice guy to warm you up a bit! :naughty: :lol:

    Masarka is easy, you're right... what would you like to know? :giggle: give me a word :lmao:
    flu is still there? awww! :better: You'll feel better soon :hug:

    How was your day? Relaxing? :wild:

    Yea summer is in the good way :shifty: :girl_happy:

    Help? :wtf: it's beautiful language... but hard which is not my fault :lol: MASAKRA!
    I know I'm right :smarty: I'm usually right! :lmao: (can't say 'always' don't wanna be vein :lol::p)
    :sparkle: the worst part is to learn your alphabet :D but I've a great teacher here! :shifty: :jump: :p

    Ahh..everything's fine!!! I'm all in smiles...:girl_happy: we're gonna have warm weather till at least Tuesday (they haven't shown more future days :p)

    Don't wanna think about my mentrual pain :sigh: and I can't take any drugs :( :no: like we used to say 'massacre' in Poland if there's bad/stupid/non sense situation :lol:

    MASAKRA!! (your vocabulary is getting bigger :toofunny:) :p

    How about you? How are you doing? :hug:
    cuz no special letters and accents there :p (in 'filakia' word not in general) and not that many (like you used to say :sleep:) consonants :p

    your lang is easier than German shit for me :toofunny: :D (I'm in shock I just said that but... 100% true!:D) except Greek alphabet :unsure: :mello: :sleep:
    'Morning' hahah :p


    Very busy :naughty: but I'm finally home :dropdead: :lmao:

    Here 19 degrees as well!! :woohoo: :sparkle: :D

    Ladies days :bomb: grrr! :mello: :p

    BTW do you know how to spell and pronounce correctly 'buziaki' word? :p cuz it's 'a bit' different than you write :lol: and I know hot to pronounce 'Filakia' ( don't mention kalinixta :dont_mention_it: :sparkle:) :nana: nanana nananaaaa! :p
    Morning Sunshine! :D

    I'm reading the forecast ... now: 9 degrees full sun - Poland, 12 degrees full sun - Greece. So :cheers: you've better weather there finally! :girl_happy: and don't worry it'll be warmer during the day :D :hug: mornings are always colder in the spring time :)

    :sun: :hug:

    Enjoy your freedom Pretty! :) I've a busy day today :p but hope to see you later :bounce:

    :waving: Filakia :heart:
    So nice to see my lil pingüinilla Poposis... even though it was for a short time!! :hug: Have a fantastic firt holiday day! Relax and take care! :heart: ya!!

    Missed you so much the last days!!!! :hug:

    Relax and enjoy my fave holiday... the lazydonothing holiday!!!! ;)
    :heat: :girl_happy: :naughty: :lmao:

    Happy!! Tomorrow I'm going to visit my lil sis to her village and spend the day together!! :hug: Any plans??
    hahaha okay :lol:

    take your time, don't have to hurry mom got back home :doh: so you know what it means... :toofunny:

    Aww that's even better, you'll be rocking in the karaoke contest :lmao: :girl_karaoke:

    I'm watching another episode of SYTYCD now :lol:

    Me? I'm greeeeeeeeat! :girl_happy: very energetic and ready for partyyyyyy :party: :D


    M.S.N? :shifty:
    Great my Princess Popo! :wild: :cheers:

    How are you feeling? Have you won with stupid flu already? :shifty: :)

    Aaaaaaaaaa!! woooooooooohoooooooo! yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! :party: :cheers:

    Popoparty? Tonight? Will you be there? :lmao: :D

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