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  • Big hug :huggy: for a good beginning of your last day at work Pretty! :wild: :cheers:

    Rock the party my sweet Angelik DJ :naughty:

    :shifty: :bounce:

    See you tonight!! :fear: :D
    I'm glad you feel better! :hug: :D I wanted to talk to you to make sure about it! But Tylek told me you were with her on msn so I am happy to know you are my sweet pequeña pingüinilla Poposis again! :girl_happy: Take care! :heart:

    Kalimera!!!! And get well soon! We have to :party:


    :crazy: :lmao: hahaha very creative :lmao: how long were you thinking? :sleep: I guess that's why I got sick :sleep: one purple phrase and poor Popo's ill :P :sleep:

    Wanna change with brains? :wild: I'll give it back after Easter :lmao: :D:D:D I need your inspiration :idea: you should sing these lyrics to me --> I'll be your inspiration :D
    :toofunny: double shut up :lmao:

    Don't be so sure GUUURL :sleep: you'll be begging for them :beee: :sleep:
    Have I told you to shut up? :toofunny: :sleep:

    Hahaha I will look at the camera and then I won't show you those pics :sleep: :beee: don't wanna read your non significant comments later :sleep: happy? :sleep:

    :beee: for most of it :lmao: sth wrong with gif? :sleep:

    Yea we have 'the better' in constant level now, baby! :beee: :nana: will be having even better weather with higher temp on Easter and for national holiday which are in 1st and 3rd of May in Poland (but I'll be in Lithuania so not that far away, I'm praying for good sunny weather cuz I wanna have good photos from trip :toofunny: yea I know the most important - photos! :sleep: :lmao:)

    I can clearly see you're in better mood and you're doing good cuz your humour is back :sleep:

    :lmao: :cheers:
    Good! :cheers:
    Yea I know, finally we've better weather in Warsaw than you in Greece :nana: :lmao: JK :p

    Me? I returned home 1 hour ago and ate a dinner :hungry:

    I was like this guy in the gif today :toofunny: Full of energy!! :wild: again 60 pools in 50min :naughty: :girl_happy: :girl_whistle: and 1 hour of cycling plus 15 min of suntanning :lol: so my day was very active :P (don't include my mind activity :sleep:)

    Don't mention inspiration (nice rhyme :lmao:) I wrote 2 more pages :mello: which means I'm completely disaster with my thesis :sigh: :P and sunny weather doesn't help! :help:

    Awww :huggy: great to hear that! Strong girl! :) you will get rid of this stupid flu :yes: :hug:

    Did you have a good sunny day? :)
    It's good for the legs :naughty: :lol:

    No pics as interesting as the last one :naughty: only one with an underage girl :mello:

    great :D

    I was angry cause I had connection problem since this morning now it seems ok. I went cycling to calm me down :lol:

    You didn't tell me that you were sick -_- but I'm a good lurker :shifty:

    I hope you feel better today.

    Take care :hug:
    My sweet pingüinilla Poposis! :hug: I hope you feel better! I'm worried... when you feel like it... just drop a line to say you are ok!! :better: Take care! :heart: ya!!

    haha yes plural of 'deska' ('plank') :lmao: yes you knew it, sure :sleep: :p

    okay, meet you there :hug:
    :lol: almost like 'deski' which means 'planks' here :D should be 'dzieki' ;) :hug:

    Wanna talk on msn or you feel too tired? :better:
    Awww! not good! :better: poor Popo! Hope you'll feel better soon :hug:

    That's what I thought... busy days but you'll get your Easter break soon! only 2 days to go :)

    Filakia :heart: :)
    :thinking: Not sure yet... but something good! :wild: I'll tell you as soon as I know!! :yes:

    I have to leave now... hope to see you later! :hug: Take care and don't be sick! :no:


    :yes: Some clothes... stuff for my bike.... and lots of money! :D:piggybank:
    Nope.... birthday presents! :lol: We are all spring people :D March, April and May are :doh: months for my poor pocket!
    Aww!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! :hug:

    I'm great.... went shopping with my nephew :doh: and now again... for my lil sis! :sigh:
    Heyyyy Zozo! :woohoo: :D

    Everything's fine, just got back home from meeting with my friend :p very sunny day here :)

    You? Where have you been? :shifty: I missed you! :(

    :search: :huggy:

    Want you back! :shout: :D Hope you had cool weekend! Many kisses for my Princess Popo! :D :flowers:


    :shout: Where is my pequeña pingüinilla Poposis??????? :search:


    Kalimera again sweetie! I really hope you had a great weekend... and see you soon! :hug: Take care!

    :huggy: :shifty: tell me que sera sera ? :lmao: :P

    :party: I used to sing it in Polish like: 'daj mi sera sera' (english translation: 'give me cheese, cheese') :toofunny: ser = cheese :lmao:

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