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  • Kalimera Pretty! :wild:

    OMG what a relief, no more headache and hangover today :woohoo: I feel renewed :naughty:

    Did you go to the club/house party last night? :shifty: :giggle: Hope you had good time and wonderful Saturday :girl_happy:

    You were missed here Sweetie! :huggy: But I was thinking of you ;) :flowers:

    Take care and see you really soon! :hug:

    S'agapo :heart: :wild:
    Kalimera my dear Poposis! :hug: I hope my pingüinilla favorita had a great Saturday! :D

    Okayyyy I just came back home :stars: yes mom has no mercy :sleep: and wanted to do some shopping (don't confuse with 'go shopping' :lmao:) :p... and I'm tired, lazy, dizzy and hungry right now!!:girl_tantrum: I wanna kill someone! :western: :lmao: still have this stupid headache :doh: goshhh...alcohol isn't a good invention :lol: but the party was worth of my current suffering :lmao: I was BAD :fear: :p

    Hope you've good Saturday so far? :) Did you go to the gym? :naughty: I'm so happy cuz sunny day is here :girl_happy: :sun: and 16 degrees! :wild: good weather for sunglasses (and ppl can't see my drunk eyes :lmao: JK it's not that bad:p)

    You won't be online today? awww that sucks!! :( I'll be missing you!!! :huggy: but you'll be have a lot of reading when you come back :lmao:

    PS. Pupa is fast :bugeyed My son :pleased: :p ha ha ha... I just noticed what happened here :eek: haha The Riddler buahah :lmao: Popo please!! get a grip!! :shout: :D
    :sleep:ha ha ha ha..ha ha ha ha...verrrrryyyy funnnyyyy... :sleep::stars: :lmao:

    okay now seriously, I just got back home :swoon: :dropdead: gooood party :p

    :girl_whistle: I'll write something more creative later, cuz now I need some coffee...:help: :toofunny:

    eeeek! eeeek! :drunk: :lol: totally dizzy wtf :giggle: :p
    Good night sweetie! :hug: Sleep well and see you tomorrow! Have a wonderful Saturday morning!!!!!! :heart: ya!

    As my pequeña pingüina Poposis was a bad girl and has seen it .... here you are... your nighty night gif!!!

    :hysterical: You made the important questions... but he beat you being faster writing the correct answer! :lol: It's clear you knew it! But didn't type it! So you are :smarty: but he's really fast!!!!
    Wednesday :bugeyed Aww... don't worry... it'll be here soon! :hug:

    :lmao: I'll have to lurk to see who's :smarty:
    Cheating? Where? :lol:

    Fine.... great.... holidays! :girl_happy: And yours???

    BTW.... your siggy... :dropdead:
    I don't listen to Pac, Biggie or Bob Marley. I like them as artists but i dont know their music that much. I'm like , if it sounds good, like good melody i'll like it no matter what genre it is from. I aint into Marylin Manson though or classical music. I like Big Pun the rapper a lot, i like mj of course, Winehouse can sing too, i got Gwen Stefani's first solo album, i like "Ms Jackson" by Outkast, "I just wanna live" by Good Charlotte, etc.... the list goes on and on.

    Right now i listen to Dream On by Aerosmith everyday. That's the only song i listen to everyday, i listen to the live versions. I like it so much i downloaded the youtube videos thx to downloadhelper (firefox add-on). The two live performances i watch the most now are these ones, you'll find it on this page, if you do watch 'em please lemme know what u think of 'em :):
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