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  • Your guess was the last post on the previous page, I didn't read it, I just guessed she was cheating on him. I'll see you for the next riddle :sleep:
    Well I just won so your 'ima win' was truly funny :lmao:

    Pupa 4-2 Popo :pleased:
    You do make the funniest jokes: 'ima win'


    That was really funny :lmao:
    No problem :)
    I answered another riddle, so now I've solved more than you :tease:
    :hug: - HIT THE LIGHTS BABYYYYYY! omg I'm in party mood today :naughty: :party:

    I can feel under my skin that I'll be having spontaneous girl's party tonight :cheers: :lmao: we've a last chance with 'using' her apartment for our 'libation' :toofunny: JK :D

    And now I'm in big hurry, have to do many things in short time :stars: But I don't wanna lose a chance :giggle:

    I won't be online today... so have fun tonight Popo! and I've promised Marta to organize popoparty on this Saturday, we must celebrate her birthday in more official and crazy way :party: :cheers: Do you agree? :P but tomorrow please:lmao: tonight I'll be :drunk: as a hell buahahha and will come back home in the morning :lmao: :D (shhh I lied!! :P I won't be :drunk: cuz I can't :sigh: :P...anyway!!! See you soon Sweetie! :girl_dance:

    Lalalala... :D
    Hugssssssssss! :huggy:

    PS. Do you have your holidays from now? :D
    Why on earth did you change your username to "T.M.W.S.T.W?":(:bugeyed I didn't even recognize it at first. I thought to myself I don't know anyone called T.M.W.S.T.W! By the way, you might need a period after the "W" if you choose to keep this abomination. "Angelik" connotes class, beauty, and elegance. Your new one is awkward to sound out and sounds like the acronym of a soulless company or corporation. I'm disappointed, most disappointed. Yes, I am disappointed.

    What made you do this awful thing?!:thinking: Did you lose a bet? Were you high? Were you drinking?

    I take a little time off to catch up on things I couldn't attend to while I was away and this catastrophe occurs! I even repped you when you considered this nonsense before but at least that time the change, unnecessary as it still was, was at least tolerable.

    I am most keen to hear an explanation for this travesty. What could possibly have possessed you to do it?!

    Did I mention that I am disappointed?
    Almost kalispera! :lmao: :D
    :nana::tease: just a little face training before your Friday's work :giggle:

    omg I still can't stop laughing after our yesterday's talk on msn :toofunny:

    :crazy: :girl_crazy:

    Good Friday Zozo! :D Filakia! :heart: :D
    Kalimera my dear Poposis! :hug: :)dribble: I do adore my C U L O gif!!!!)

    I had a really great day! :woohoo: Much fun and a lot of time on the phone! :phone:
    But I am really grateful and happy with all my "family" presents!!!!!! Love you so much! :heart: You are the best! :pleased: You are incredible and I feel blessed having you in my life!!!!


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