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  • Thank you Angela

    Wishing you Peace in your heart, health in your body,
    wealth in your life, joy in your home.
    May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures.
    Happy New Year


    Please can I have the 2000 Watts forum password?

    I've had access before, and I promise not to divulge the password to anyone else!

    Many thanks again!
    Hi Angela, thanks for the message a couple of months ago. I'm sorry I didn't see it until now! I'm been good, just not online as much as I've been very busy with a lot of work projects. How are you doing? Feel free to write back on FB as I'm there a whole lot!
    Hi Angie ;)
    Did someone reply for the credit card ? If not, maybe I can help -
    I'll be at home in two hours from now -
    C U at Michael Friday
    Hiya! For some reason I cant log into my account Dangerous Incorporated. Maybe it has somethign to do with the email address associated with it is now expired. How can I reactivate this account? I dont even remember the PW to it any more :/ Thanks Ang!
    Hey, yeah!! I'm staying with a friend and meeting some girls there. I'm really looking forward to a Michael filled weekend. Are you from Holland?
    Bedankt voor de reputation! Ik ben blij dat iemand het met me eens is. Bont maakt helaas een comeback en daar zouden meer mensen zich over op moeten winden :(
    Hi, Angela!
    Please check out the section "Fan Art" - I´ve posted a poem there which I´ve created by myself. It´s the first time in my life that I´ve written a poem - and I think that Michael has helped me with it - I had to think constantly about him during I was writing it. Please also leave a message there!!! Thanks in advance!!
    LOVE, whosbad
    Thx for wishing me luck, i got it repaired by buying um what do u call it, um battery cable ? I bought that and it's ok now.

    Tell me about your dog, is it ok now ? What happened exactly ? Don't answer if you think it's too private. :)

    What breed is it ? Is it the one in your avatar ? I hope he or she is ok. How old is your dog btw ? Was your dog attacked by a pitbull ?

    I hope your dog and you are ok my friend. Have a nice day and weel. :)
    Thx , happy new year to ya too ma friend :). The year does not start well for me it looks ma laptop died today, i can't turn it on.
    :waving:hey...........your real welcome Angela :huggy: ty for replying and having a look at the thread. ty :better::huggy: stay blessed :angel:x
    Hey how are ya Angela ? How are things ? How are studies and work ? :)

    I'm Franck btw, dunno if you remember me. May i send you a friend request ?
    Hey Angela! You're right, it has been a while! I will write you a proper response soon, tomorrow I hope! Right now it's WAY past my bedtime! :D
    I just discovered that I can send messaged here hahaha. Feel so stupid sometime. Hope you are doing well!!!
    :woohoo::dancin: I totally just Michael-ed you :wub::wild:
    eeeeheee ooooowwww !!!:wub::clapping:
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