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  • Hi! So I hope it all comes out well next week :hug: I'm happy 'cause I've finished all my important exams and I'm finally going to be able to go out this weekend and I'm very excited about that!
    Hey sweetie :) Are you feeling better? How are your health problems going? I send you much love :heart:
    Hell how r u ? :)

    Thx for the rep you just gave me, you were joking when you wrote you sent somebody to China right ? :D
    Yes I was, but decided to step down. I'm doing well. Just busy with exams at the moment. How are you?
    Hi again! :D

    I'll be there later. If you're there.... We talked. See you....

    Kisses......... :)
    HI! :)

    I'm fine. I hope you are better. I understand what you mean. I feel that way sometimes, but in the end it always does. I saw that you added me on msn. If you want us over there talked about it later when you can. Take care. See you...

    Kisses..... :D
    Hi!!!! :)

    I accepted your friend request and I love your avatar. :D This dog is soooooo beautiful. See you....

    Hi :),

    i called the breaking news the fact that this uploader had uploaded another video. What you wrote about being able to turn anything into a clue is very right.
    Oh ok then :). Well u can put it back in the thread if u want, i do not wanna be the one doing it lol. I do not like it when it focusses on the orange pants guy that is supposedly not him. Far-fetched if u ask me.
    Hello, if u want the link for the video u asked me about in the hoax thread lemme know i can give it to u.
    I don't know anyone with that exact title, but I think I can deduce what it means -- doing administrative work for a specific project? Sounds really cool! Actually there is something appealing about working on a project I think; you can know what the end goal is and figure out all the steps to get you there. I wish you luck with it and hope it's a good experience for you!!
    Hi Angela! Things are pretty good -- yes, I left my job on January 15th plus also moved apartments (the same day -- crazy!), so it's been a period of readjustment, but I think I'll eventually figure out what comes next.

    I'm thrilled that you found a job!! What will you be doing? Yay! :jump:
    im sorry to hear that!!! we're gonna miss you, but u know we dont even know if DI is gonna get a password or not. but if anything really interesting happens ill be sure to PM you about it ;)
    Thank you. For now all we can do is pray for the strength to go on and lean on each other and help one another through this difficult time. We will get through this together...we will. :huggy:

    Aww my head hurts from crying so much. :(
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