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  • Hello. I used to belong to a Forum and Fan Club called Positively Michael, until it closed down unexpectedly in 2016. I was a moderator on there, and my username was Red Corvette (RC). There was a member on PosMike (as we affectionately called the site), who used the name of Sparklesocks. Now every time I see your username, I think of her. You're not her, are you? LOL
    Formerly angelofinnocence
    You can write me down in history with your bitter twisted lies,
    But still I rise' Maya Angelou
    Please read the PM I sent you a few days back (right before the verdict)! Please do.
    Love always,
    Don't worry about that thread ok? We don't hold anything against you for posting it. As been mentioned the study is known to the public if they search. Don't beat yourself up over it. Take your time and hope to see you back again very soon!
    i just want to say, thanks for being my friend. you are truly the definition of friend.
    Thank you for posting the court support thread. I know for one I'm going to need it and we all are during this emotional and sad anxious time. Thanks again. Love Jenny xx
    that's good. good news, your nephew's doing well.

    and....yes. it is a sad day. Michael Jackson day brings with it, for me, many varied emotions. some which are x factor emotions, that i could never describe to anyone, even if i tried.
    hope ur nephew is doing well. i'm always hopeful in my life. i appreciate you asking :cheers:
    well..i put them on ignore, but it was ASIS doing the stalking. but i put them on ignore, after my last post to them, so i never saw the response comments they made, after i put them on ignore, but before that, we got into an argument, and it was obvious they were trying real hard to change my mind, instead of just agreeing to disagree. after i put them on ignore, i could see their name under everything i posted, since.
    i'm ok. thanks..kinda glad ur in the profile, cus i'm afraid another person may be harrassing me in my pms, and i don't really wanna go to the pm box. r u?
    oh no...i didn't see didn't arrive in my u have a copy of it in your 'sent' folder?
    Hey Sweetie, We've never talked before.
    But I'm stepping by to give you a big hug! :group: :heart:
    Always remember you are not alone! We're one big family!
    Hugs & Love,
    Diana xx
    merry Christmas

    OK i found it and deleted it and the member that posted it ;...thanks again for the heads up :D what the heck is a pederast anyway?? blah ignorant haterz, i wish some of them had stupid doctors that perform CPR on a soft bed and have no heart defibrulators ... bunch of butt munches enjoying our pain
    please link me or click the report post button on the offending post ... thank you for the heads up
    i have been making homemade christmas cards :yes:

    and i have been to the doctor alot cause about my health my doctor told me no more junk food cause of my health problem she say that my high calores is 5.5 :yes: so is bad and i have to take this new pill everynight night :yes:

    where i live we got alot of snow and tonight everybody is coming over to do the christmas tree Yeah :jump:
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