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  • Hello :) Thank you for the birthday wish :)
    Thank you for information about how mike change the world.i copyed this information and i present it in romania(my country) for all you!
    Hey there Ankita!

    This is Fantam! I received your message (it was so beautiful)! I am shocked that you have been looking for me - I hope it is not for anything I did wrong! That was a nice surprise.

    I have added you as a Friend on the forum - please add me as well on yours. I know you said you wanted to contact me. Please feel free to reach me on the forum as well as my email addy which is:

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Hello Ankita

    My name is Nancii. Thank you for adding me as a Friend on this forum. I have always enjoyed your posts. They are intelligent, thought-provoking and deep.

    I know that this is a very difficult time for us but I hope we can connect and help each other through.
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