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  • You are totally welcome. It's not an easy gig, right? I strongly believe in us always supporting each other. :)
    Hello Anna!

    Can you plese rename the video collection thread to LN into "Debunking/MJ Defending Video Collection to "Leaving Neverland" to support and share"?

    Maybe you like to delate also some single threads with LN which are alredy in this tread to keep the forum overseeable.

    Ok.... I did know the MJfacts rule but I needed to get the information out about the name change.
    I was first mot compleate sure if it was rhe same page.

    Can please move the Analysing Video and Pictures maririal of LN tread to the trails and Tribublations froum part?

    I want to hide my work from MJ enemys, Reed and the accusers, cause I know it is also useful for them.
    They should not steal my work to make evil MJvideos or wrote negarive things.

    I would love when this thread could only be read by Froummembers but I know this is maybe not possible.
    Thanks :flowers:
    Oh I bet that wasn't very pleasant :lol:
    Mine was good, thanks, got some good stuff and spent good time with family and friends :D
    Did you get anything good? :)
    It's good that you're doing okay :)
    I'm ok, just preparing for my surgery in a few weeks.
    How was your Christmas?
    No problem :hug:
    Hey Anna, we haven't spoken in a while.
    How are you?
    I like your new siggy :)
    no, they were just jelous and they were weak ,weak people do that ..they tease cos they have a case of lazy-ituis , their mind doesnt allow them to think ,yes... always :heart: YOUR name hun. ...girl ,im no loveier than you .or how ever we spell that ..i love your avvy , its how i feel right now im waiting for this cold flu thang to get gone .
    thanxs babe , much much appreicated . ah i will always know you as "nova ...hun" ....:giggle: its just got prettier ...anna is such a nice name ,my realname howevevr isnt so nice lol :blush: ..ah yeah i hope you feel better soon ,this thing is just blah
    oh no. im sorry :better: well , rest well take care of yourself .i have that flu thing too gals came hom with it .been a bit sick here in this place ...better , apart from the cold/flu thing thanx you hun.x
    haha, then I know you well Anna/Nova! See, that's why I asked, so I wouldn't be confused forever, hehe!! Hope you're doing well! :D
    Hey Anna -- I see you've changed your name recently.... but could you remind me what your previous name was? :D hehe, just trying to keep track!
    You are such a trooper! I'm so tired of it all I've sort of cowardly backed out of the discussion. I'm proud of you. Love! Xxxx
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