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  • Don't be sad. Reason and above all love will prevail. Listen to Michael to cheer you up :)
    I agree, Vision is amazing :)
    For my top 3 I have removed Scream and replaced it with One More Chance :D
    Nice :)
    So what do you think of Vision now then? I also seem to have that green glitch during In The Closet.
    It is alot, but I can't blame you, all his videos were beautiful :D
    My favourites would have to include Bad, TWYMMF, Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone, Black or White, Scream, You Are Not Alone, TDCAU (both), HIStory, Ghosts, YRMW and I'm sure One More Chance will make it on here :)
    My favourite 3 MJ songs would have to be TDCAU, Threatened & Scream. What are yours?
    Same here :D Another Day will be brilliant, like Hold My Hand is at the moment. I don't know what to make of the collaboration with 50 Cent though. Yeah, I agree. It has to be a success. I've pre-ordered it with the t-shirt :)

    I have also pre-ordered Vision, it should arrive by Monday... *impatiently looks at clock*
    I'm looking forward to having TDCAU (Prison) & One More Chance for the first time, which are your favourite videos?

    My step-sister has a Wii, so I think I will get that version and sometimes play it on her console. Or I could get the DS version. I have to decide. I'm in the same boat with you on the tour, I don't think I will go but it should be brilliant :)
    Added :)
    What do you think about the new album, Vision, The Experience and the Cirque Du Soleil tour?
    I'm good as well thanks, and no problem :)
    You don't mind if I add you as a friend, do you?
    No problem :)
    How are you anyway?
    I like the posts you write, I kinda agree with all of them lol
    BABES ..OOPS..CAPITALZ LOCK ON :DOH; sorry... for being dopey ..but erm.. where did you get the mjj cat. from plz?:reading:
    its art.the whole thread....its realy beautiful.
    .hes beautiful in it :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub::wub:yeah and ...seeing those pics right, they just ..give my heart some pure so sure they do too for you .and omg thanx you babe .yeah seeing the fact it "was all false"
    i was woah .nah :unsure:naaaah nah no:(.realy realy realy?....noooo..not dreams/s.h pics, come again ?
    had me woah-in out lol

    so, thanxs for confirmination ,,,i can sleep knwing that the dream shoot is all real.:huggy: :angel::wub: Oh and the front man is 33 ? k, i see ...
    nova ..anne how r you today.:huggy:.ty for the spoil me :doh::huggy: thanks ...i was spaced out on the silver hand pic couldnt text talk at the time .thats why your profile gota lil' pic of it ..bit random i know but wanted to share hmmm......ah so a book ,they got their cooo0000oolarosooo:wild: name from an IW book .?..hmm..ooh. thought sounded famuiler.....cleveer lil sprites arnt they ...hmm so how old is that lead bloke?.:mello:intresting ...i love talkin about all artists work.:punk::punk:.yeah mike posner song is catchy:yes: i think, number 8/9 in the charts um...not sure ..:doh: .and also i caught the end of the mcr video the other day called na na na.(?).intresting vids babes ,x ooh im too curious !:unsure: ha ...:heart:
    you like, KO-ed me on music :wild::huggy:hahaha ...i like mike posner's(?) song at the min ..always playin it.:music: xxxxx it was great to talk that night . have to do it again babbe.:heart:
    oh ..i kno em'..:heart: love the one where they are at school..."im nottttt okkkaayyyy" .pretty ..real pretty hair ,dark eyes ,make up,.goes rawr?.hes an appealing bloke ,i dont kno his name though :thinking: .....jack black ...?noooo....maybe thats another other one ?...let me kno ....ohh, is that piccy to do with them? hmmm..sounds intresting even more babes ,i only kno one song of MCR:lol:what is the behind the name "my chem. romance " then,? teeeach i like jazmine(?) sullivan ..herd of her ?..dream big :wub: great song:yes: are kind.:angel::angel:.ty for caring bout my lack o sleepin.:no::mello::angel:. lovin' you too, nova .:huggy:
    ty nova, hun was kind of you to leave me offlines i cant eply to them at the moe..... as this nb. doesnt do eveerything ,yeah i is wack like that and i owe you dohat when i get onto a prop. comp ...hoever,...however i did enjoy our little yapp and i plan to to be ontomorow to well...i hope you might be ...we can chat propley and im sorry im dogtierd but cant sleep ha ...explanation for your avvy? its intrested lol. take care bab:huggy: sorry iwasnt much company tonigh :doh:...still up cant sleep ah poo
    nova babe ,sweet gal.i thought about you the other day yeh...okay :sigh:how are you ?
    aw .....your message is beautiful nova babe ...ty so much ..
    i echo the same to you babe , :huggy:.:cry::group:
    it is , isnt it :sigh:
    its like ...... :group::huggy::huggy:
    just too much sometimes isnt it , becomes overwhemling .:group:
    ah ...ty so much for this message babe ...:cry::group:*tightly hugging*sending you lots of huggs , respect and love too :huggy:,
    hey babe,aw....i kno its.....:weeping:
    i dont kno . how to.....
    .its awful. people offline go "how ya feeling ..cheer up "
    i mean ..
    i ...cant .
    .it is a hard question to answer isnt it ..:huggy:
    we are ...its been ...
    well it makes me speechless ..
    i feel the same way , i mean ..god...
    i do..babygal..:cry:
    its a struggle , i

    i shouldnt even be online babygal, becuase...:sigh:,
    i dont kno how to be strong anymore or how to ...:huggy::huggy:to get through thhis nova hun , to be honest :cry:.
    i just....:no:
    we will..somehow ,
    holdin on innit ?:cry::huggy:...i dont kno how else to...what to do , just so glad i have you and all of mjjc .
    its beyond me babygal .:angel::(:(:(:better::better::better::better::better::better::better::better::unsure:
    im sorry if i make no sense , it jst all comes out , i blurt it all out , and ...:sigh:
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