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  • oh ..i kno em'..:heart: love the one where they are at school..."im nottttt okkkaayyyy" .pretty ..real pretty hair ,dark eyes ,make up,.goes rawr?.hes an appealing bloke ,i dont kno his name though :thinking: .....jack black ...?noooo....maybe thats another other one ?...let me kno ....ohh, is that piccy to do with them? hmmm..sounds intresting even more babes ,i only kno one song of MCR:lol:what is the behind the name "my chem. romance " then,? teeeach i like jazmine(?) sullivan ..herd of her ?..dream big :wub: great song:yes: are kind.:angel::angel:.ty for caring bout my lack o sleepin.:no::mello::angel:. lovin' you too, nova .:huggy:
    ty nova, hun was kind of you to leave me offlines i cant eply to them at the moe..... as this nb. doesnt do eveerything ,yeah i is wack like that and i owe you dohat when i get onto a prop. comp ...hoever,...however i did enjoy our little yapp and i plan to to be ontomorow to well...i hope you might be ...we can chat propley and im sorry im dogtierd but cant sleep ha ...explanation for your avvy? its intrested lol. take care bab:huggy: sorry iwasnt much company tonigh :doh:...still up cant sleep ah poo
    nova babe ,sweet gal.i thought about you the other day yeh...okay :sigh:how are you ?
    aw .....your message is beautiful nova babe ...ty so much ..
    i echo the same to you babe , :huggy:.:cry::group:
    it is , isnt it :sigh:
    its like ...... :group::huggy::huggy:
    just too much sometimes isnt it , becomes overwhemling .:group:
    ah ...ty so much for this message babe ...:cry::group:*tightly hugging*sending you lots of huggs , respect and love too :huggy:,
    hey babe,aw....i kno its.....:weeping:
    i dont kno . how to.....
    .its awful. people offline go "how ya feeling ..cheer up "
    i mean ..
    i ...cant .
    .it is a hard question to answer isnt it ..:huggy:
    we are ...its been ...
    well it makes me speechless ..
    i feel the same way , i mean ..god...
    i do..babygal..:cry:
    its a struggle , i

    i shouldnt even be online babygal, becuase...:sigh:,
    i dont kno how to be strong anymore or how to ...:huggy::huggy:to get through thhis nova hun , to be honest :cry:.
    i just....:no:
    we will..somehow ,
    holdin on innit ?:cry::huggy:...i dont kno how else to...what to do , just so glad i have you and all of mjjc .
    its beyond me babygal .:angel::(:(:(:better::better::better::better::better::better::better::better::unsure:
    im sorry if i make no sense , it jst all comes out , i blurt it all out , and ...:sigh:
    Nova , hi ..ive been ill , and taking a break ,
    how are you doing ?
    we must yapp on msn sometime :yes:
    they will help. and your on the right the step , thats the best step to take .
    aww. nova babe , we all get them :sigh: we get those dayz ...
    i ...see thats the thing:giggle::sigh: , im not so good at talking , expressing myself when it comes to myself ,yano ?:unsure: i sort of hide it all awaty , but .....sigh ..
    nope , il pull though .
    il pull through this .
    its fine .:doh::sigh:
    thanx you darling you are so kind and caring , and im very grateful to have a friend like you, babe .
    have a nice day thinking of you .and wishing you strength too .
    babygal .
    we have to yap on msn sometime ?
    im glad your going to see her. him , i will be thinking of you and im proud of you , gal proud of you , it will hopfully ease somewhat ,your doing the right thing yep .:yes:
    god , your stronger than me ,..far far farrrrr stronger ... :huggy::huggy::huggy::huggy:
    oh weekend has been realy shitty , realy and truly gal :lol:..:doh: all depressed and sad.and i make myself like that, i spose ...ugh :lol: so im i ask for it . .and ah , i dont get online when im down , but
    meh ...dont kno ..:sigh:
    we will all get through ...somehow ,
    ah , loves ya nova babes , thinking of you .
    know what ...i have been feeling like poo all weeend , um , so i dont usely come online when im rawrmoody and kno when it just all gets you like that ? ...i dont usely like to come on ,
    have to do as you feel , you kno ? :yes: so ,:huggy:*millions of huggs* there isnt a time to ...theres no time to rush , not agaisnt any clock , i think its best to come back when you feel you are able to and not a moment before ....a break is good for the soul ~know whats funny ..:unsure: im dreading the 22nd ..yano ...yeah ....but , i feeel better that knowing you feel a bit better though , its always nice to hear .
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