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  • :flowers:
    Nova , hi ..ive been ill , and taking a break ,
    how are you doing ?
    we must yapp on msn sometime :yes:
    they will help. and your on the right the step , thats the best step to take .
    aww. nova babe , we all get them :sigh: we get those dayz ...
    i ...see thats the thing:giggle::sigh: , im not so good at talking , expressing myself when it comes to myself ,yano ?:unsure: i sort of hide it all awaty , but .....sigh ..
    nope , il pull though .
    il pull through this .
    its fine .:doh::sigh:
    thanx you darling you are so kind and caring , and im very grateful to have a friend like you, babe .
    have a nice day thinking of you .and wishing you strength too .
    babygal .
    we have to yap on msn sometime ?
    im glad your going to see her. him , i will be thinking of you and im proud of you , gal proud of you , it will hopfully ease somewhat ,your doing the right thing yep .:yes:
    god , your stronger than me ,..far far farrrrr stronger ... :huggy::huggy::huggy::huggy:
    oh weekend has been realy shitty , realy and truly gal :lol:..:doh: all depressed and sad.and i make myself like that, i spose ...ugh :lol: so im i ask for it . .and ah , i dont get online when im down , but
    meh ...dont kno ..:sigh:
    we will all get through ...somehow ,
    ah , loves ya nova babes , thinking of you .
    know what ...i have been feeling like poo all weeend , um , so i dont usely come online when im rawrmoody and kno when it just all gets you like that ? ...i dont usely like to come on ,
    have to do as you feel , you kno ? :yes: so ,:huggy:*millions of huggs* there isnt a time to ...theres no time to rush , not agaisnt any clock , i think its best to come back when you feel you are able to and not a moment before ....a break is good for the soul ~know whats funny ..:unsure: im dreading the 22nd ..yano ...yeah ....but , i feeel better that knowing you feel a bit better though , its always nice to hear .
    it was funny how i woke up thinking of how you were nova ,and i was thinking you would beonline ....thats werid innit :unsure: myself , i havnt been on much either not on any place ..its ..
    ........just ....yeah these emotions ...its tainted isnt it , glad your feeling a bit better though :huggy: aww bless you :give_rose:
    i think i feel that way to at the moetoo babe ,:unsure: ya not alone:huggy: ...:huggy::give_rose:
    take as much time as you need babygal,praying you to be so strong :angel:, look after yourself k .? ...ah bless you nova :huggy::group:
    aww. nova . :huggy:
    k , darling ,..... take your time , thanx you so much for letting me kno , bless you ~:huggy:
    :weeping: aw.....i love you nova . thanx you for hugging me ,
    rember you can pm me , [..sorry not much cop at the moe , but just wanted to chk in ]
    we have msn too .
    poor baby gal march will come quick and then it be better , ah nova ...*biggest huggg*
    Hiya, I see you are the champ at mahjong. Can you please tell me if there is an opetion to shuffle the pieces as when I have played online before I have always had this option. I am always getting stuck with no moves and so can't work out how you guys get such high scores!
    nova hi :waving:
    ah ..all seems... good ,,,better ..though its chilly where i am ., how are you babes ?
    You tooooo!
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