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  • um...oh lord.:huggy:
    ..hmm WAS a crazy day for losin data yesterday so i the end all the memebers were called "dangerouz ". i read on a thread , and it went realy werid for hours ,
    yeppers , im......:scratch: not TOOO bad today, nova babes ty , a little tierd though , :yawn:
    i dont kno my post count, i dont keep up with that :unsure:
    our local libery is back open :wub:
    tickets have arrived for July 13th. Havent got my other tickets for other dates so must be in order.
    Hey hun, hope you're holding up. :huggy:
    I miss him more and more everyday! :weeping::heart:
    Haha noo been such a lazy day lol, just watching space jam right now such a good film :p

    what about you xxx
    hello my lil seahorsegal , how are you today .i hope your day went well yesterday
    am thinking of you ~catch you on msn soonies :)?
    im at moms at the moe see beings its bank holiday and all bah ~wish i wasnt haa
    on top of all that i left profiles message for you nova on MY profile like duhhhhh
    im such a dopey dora honestly haa :toofunny: mwah *huggs again
    oh im sooo dumb . when i get home i will leave you offlines... im so silly:excited: how dopey of me :lol:
    i added you and didnt kno , ah rabbit , thats cool ~its been such a fuzzy haze hasnt it babe .il look forward to msning/yapping @ you
    :huggy: ~ah on here i cant express . ~aw..... nova what you did is beautiful
    you kno , i went to the book shop and got a spare monet to go and get some spritualality books and learn more ~be open more to my spritual self .im sort of going right through a learning curve .~on the 29th i spent it with my gals and reflected ...all the good times you kno ? and yes when you recive the news it will all be postative and only good news , and il pray for you too hun .we swopped msn didnt we ?goes to have a look at our convo
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