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  • aw.....ty. *touched*

    hows your week starting .im drinking diet coke and its making me fizzy :unsure:
    did you do anthing for michaels beeday ? :heart:
    aw ty hi darling.. sweet , thats sweet sending me well wishes. i think and feel the same for you nova, my dear friend , im glad to see you , love you loads too , i do .:)
    take care too hun ,all of us , we shall remain as one unity . love yous .:) "a million biggarsehuggs" xoxo (((((((:)huggy:))))))) i dont kno how to express that in smileys :lol: <<<<<<:heart:>>>>>>
    Hi, Anna hun, how are you? It's been 2 months..I am still in shock and not a day has passed that I have not shed a tear since hearing about Michael passing away. :boohoo: Hope you're ok? Take care. :huggy:
    *huggs you soooooo tighly * im sorry to hear that sweetie
    i dont kno what to say:mello: i dont want my friend to be depressed ...
    i hope you are ok , pm me or email or msn anytime ok :angel:
    k nova? :better: miss you alot . mjjc is wonderful but soo bittersweet now :(:better:
    Hi Nova :) I'm not too bad thank you, Just sitting at work wishing I could be at home though. :lol: How are you doing?
    nova :boohoo:
    i havent eaten either , well my first meal was last night but that was a salad , didnt want it , :unsure: threw the lettice about ~meh
    i feel all sad and helpless...but jhave to be strong ,HAVE to be ~have to will it ~ sp painful thinking of how every other feels and myself ...all of us ~like a knightmere , ah nova , please take care in moving .thats a new start too when you think of it ? its possitive that ~
    il deffo be in touch here or email , take care my dear friend :huggy:
    hi darling:huggy: how are you holdin up ? big huge huggs Nova babe and thanx you for adding me on ther e.
    oh nova i needed that today , we have to lean on each other and just
    ...ah your message is so sweet , im here too , thanx you nova babe
    also i got me msn and email adress on the profile so just add me if you need me .
    im sorry i keep reapeting myself look at our convo ..i just ..words fail me babes
    dont know ...ive wrote like the wind though that eases the pain sometime
    dont kno i feel ...i woke up like is it ....real and such a range of emotions and i think being on here realy helps though , i dont kno how i am i dont kno i just ..we have to be strong .:angel: bless your heart
    Take care too!
    We have to be strong!
    We have to show to the world what kind of fans we are!
    Hi Nova! I feel better now! I try to cheer me up!
    I was so sad this morning! I couldn't believe it! :(
    I hope you're okay ?? Thx for asking!
    its is too much ...dont kno , just so glad that we can all be online here and ..for each other ..we have to all remain as a unity , nova i think .
    Hi Nova, I am devastated as we all are.. too much to take in. :boohoo:

    HUG Thank you for asking. Hope you are holding up ok. :hug:
    bless your heart .., no im not and you are not ~ but we have to be strong dont we , to keep going for him ...
    i just .......oh nova babe ..god bless you
    Me too, sooo many times ive moved, though always with the same area of Essex where I live. Packing is such a drag! You never realise how much junk you have until you have to pack it all up
    Dull for me too lol. I might be moving house soon so Ive been cleaning the house up ready for people to look around. Discovered an old mj video i thought i lost though so that was cool hehe
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