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    Controversial MJ Documentary Leaving Neverland [GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD]

    Re: Sundance Festival 2019 - Controversial MJ Documentary "Leaving Neverland" Anything Anything Anything for Money. It's so sad....
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    MJ video legacy

    I just can't stop loving you starring with Siedah Garrett :heart:
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    Least Listened to Song on Each Album

    This is so interesting! Your the least listened song is my the most listened song. :laughing:
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    Least Listened to Song on Each Album

    OTW - Burn This Disco Out Thriller - The Lady in my Life Bad - Just Good Friends Dangerous - Why You Wanna Trip On Me HIStory - Little Susie BOTDF - All The Remixes Invincible - 2000 Watts
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    MEGA COOL: The most realistric 3D model Michael Jackson head + download

    AWWWWW:love: I would like to see this in BAD Era:heart:
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    Your Favorite MJ "Noise" ? Chamonah!!

    Re: your favorite MJ "noise" ? chamonah!! HAHAHA:lmao: Love this poll! made my day:rofl:
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    What does Michael say during Bad Tour 'Rock With You'?

    I've always wondered the same! I guess it is "Party"? This performance tho :love:
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    Which Songs Should Have Had Their Own Short Film?

    Re: Which songs should have had its own short film? Break of Dawn - not too sexy like "You are not alone" but would like to see Mike is longing for someone badly :blush:
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    Quincy Jones' New Interview

    Re: Quincy Jones new interview My thoughts are with Michael.... Why so many snakes around him:(
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    Trip to Neverland: Santa Barbara Helicopter Tours CLOSED?

    Hope I can visit/fly over Neverland Ranch someday! Good luck(y)
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    The best "album song"?

    Man in the mirror on Bad album!
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    your fav song of Michael written by himself alone?

    My fav "Will you be there" came first runner up as of today :rollin:
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    What did Michael smell like/what perfume or cologne did he wear?

    He smells nice with or without any perfumes :love:
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    Zac Efron discusses phone call with MJ

    I enjoy watching this a lot! This shows Michael's gentle personality. I am crying too!
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    What is your favourite album outtake that has been officially released?

    For all time:blush: I would love to see this song's short film!