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    happy new year my friend
    Well as they say 40 is the new 30.. so could 29 be the new 19?? and maybe the new 16 is 6?? It could be interesting being 6 again.
    Oh it take it all back then. you're already old and past your best before :p 1 more year and then you're 30. The you get to look forward to being 40!! haha
    Oh bugger that. stay young and party and not care about anything forever. Or get a career in something exciting like ahh scuba diving? not that that'd be exciting to me coz me and water don't mesh but ya know :D
    Happy New Year :cheers: Have fun tonight my dear! :huggy:
    :party: :dance: :dancin:
    Dizzy dizzy dizzy night! :lol:

    See you in 2011 :wild: :cheers:

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas! May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year! Love, Peace and Joy.

    hehehe :shifty: hello older sis :D :beee:
    is my fault? :eek: :shock: okaaaaaay :shifty: anyway... :D wasuuuup? :tease:
    :party: for our club :giggle:
    o.m.g... lol I said that? you said that fisrt! :beee: "I'm the oldest"... so I disagree :D you are NOT :D and now everything is my fault :nono: :giggle: :cheeky: I'm over 21 too so I'm "old" too :D welcome in club girls hahahahaha :D
    Heheh I'm 24 now so not that young :giggle: but I'm in last year in Warsaw University :) You are not the oldest... lol :D Dani is also "old" omg.. I'm feeling so weird to say that word :lol:
    Hi sunshine! :hug: :sun: Everything is okay :) I had a busy weekend ;) school etc. How about you? :) Big kiss! :huggy: :flowers:
    Thank you :huggy: Me too.:)

    Well,well, well Apples. I'm on MSN and you're not! :( First time I've been on MSN for over a week and you're not on. argh!
    I didn't say I had wedding photos on Facebook:p I do have photos of me on Facebook though. :giggle:

    Thank you:happy: My Dad is in the hospital again though :( Had a small heart attack the other day so now we have to wait till Monday to see if he can sign the papers in the hospital because he can't come to the apartments now as he's having surgery tomorrow and they said there's no way he can be out by Monday.
    No comment. :lol:

    Go to Facebook then. :giggle: I got some photos on there. I have I think about 2-3 photos of me from the wedding on the camera but I won't get them off until the computer is set up at the Apartment. Which by the way we got! :party: Yay!! :D:D

    How about you give me some more photos of you since I've given you so much on Facebook. :happy:
    :lol: I will! I'll just ask Charlie when I get back :p

    About the photos...I got a few :D But none of me :lol: But I got some great ones of Brian and his wife Jill :D :D I'll show you the first one I took. It's them sitting at their table. The others are too far or the camera decided to be stupid and not work like I wanted it to. Oh well, there will be a video and more photos out :D
    :giggle: You on MSN all day and night...more chance of Michael really loving to tour. :p

    Yeah! Apartment! :dance: Before I was dreading it but now I'm really excited. There's a seasonal pool and 24-hour fitness center. No more being bored in the afternoon when no one is on MSN! Yay! :D

    The packing is finally almost finished. Mark and I went in the garage and got some stuff but we basically quit because there's just too much stuff/junk. The important or meaningful stuff is who knows where since Eric and Kevin went through it ages ago and never put stuff back.

    We might be able to move in by Friday. I told the leasing lady we wanted to move in ASAP so this Friday is as soon as she can do it. I just got a call about a job interview for Friday morning at one of the local Petsmart (a grocery store/basic store for pets.) :giggle: Everything is moving right along.

    How are you doing my Apples :D :huggy: I've missed talking to you!
    Apples!! :huggy:

    Sorry I haven't been on to talk to you. Well I dunno even know if you've been on:giggle: I most likely won't be back on the forum or MSN or the internet at all until all this packing is done and we're finally in our new apartment. The packing was fun at first now I'm just tired of it. I do enjoy driving Brian's car around to get things done for the Apartment though. :D We have his car until he gets back from his Honeymoon. I believe that will be on Monday. The wedding was a blast! Country wedding. :dance: I can honestly say I've never worn that much eye makeup in my life. :lol: When my friend's daughter was finally finished she took a picture because she was so :eek: by the way I looked :lol: Apparently my eyes look golden when I have the right make up on :scratch: :giggle:
    :lol: Ur welcome Yo :p

    Yes, why not? :lol:

    CU :bye:

    BTW Im confused with the Tunis uploads, there are so many :D
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