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  • Hay hun :D
    sorry I haven't replied to your vm a while ago I just saw it now :|
    anywayz I'll try to look for the pic and send it
    peace :)

    I sent an email to you hotmail a few days ago. Look there later. :)

    I hope you're ok. ;)

    Take care...

    Awwww you're so sweet, i really like you. :)

    Well, my laptop is being repaired, i thought i had a virus but it looks like it is actually one of the computer components which has a problem. As a consequence, i went to the place i bought it at and they'll have it repaired. It should be done by August 20th or earlier. I can write the mesage i am writing now thanks to my mum's computer (i am at mum's place now as i am visitin my bro and her)

    Tell me about yourself, how are you ?

    Thanks for remembering me my friend, i hope you're alright and enjoying the summer. :)

    *Sending you hugs, love and kisses from France*
    I haven't gotten to work on the naughtier version of my song yet...hopefully soon! How funny and cute that you think of me every time you hear Butterflies now :giggle:

    Hugs to you today hun :hug:
    Congrats !!!!!!! :)

    Well, you know, i sent an application to a university and i will send one to two others pretty soon and wait for an answer from them. First i have to be accepted, then i have to find a place to live at 'cause i will leave the place where i live now soon (i do not live my mum). I am also trying to find a job as i am hurting financially, its a huge mess, so my return to studies does not only depends on being accepted by a uni.

    By the way, i have msn, add me if you wish (my adress is my contact details)

    Have a nice weekend. :)
    Oh ok, thx for taking the time to answer Arabiana. :)

    Is it ok if someone that does not really believe in God does it ? I mean, i used to pray with my mum (she's Christian) when i was little but only less than 1% of myself believes in God.

    I am asking as i like this gesture. How are you btw ? Is everything ok ? School and stuff.
    Hi how r u ? :)

    Sorry for disturbing, i was wondering, why do male muslims touch their chest after shaking hands ? I grew up with several muslims but only asked one guy that question.......... that jerk did not know why. Do women do it too ?

    I am asking you the question as u might have the answer since your username is Arabiangirl. :)

    Have a nice day and week. :)

    Is there a chance that you could share PearlJr new book with me please? Otherwise I have to wait 2 weeks to get it and Im DYING to read it......BAD! lol


    Hi how r u ?

    Sorry for disturbing you but since u might be going to uni i was wondering if u could tell me how u wrote ur cover letter for the uni to accept u. I mean how many paragraphs and what to write in the paragraphs etc,...

    I have to write one in english in order to study law next year. (among other things i will study english and american law)

    Have a nice week. [IMG]
    Yeaaaaaa !!!!!! Congratulations Arabiana !!!!!! (tell me if you mind that nickname) I'm so happy for you. What was your story about ? Tell me about it plz. :)
    Hi how r u ? :)

    You created a topic about the essay you had to write, how did it go ? Hope u had a good grade. :)
    oh, you just made me notice it! don't know how, hell I even don't know how I got that "Proud to be....etc" tag!
    Oh wow Happy birthday arabiangirl!!!!!! :)

    I wish i knew how to say it in arabic but i do not sorry. May all your wishes come true !!!!!

    Have a nice Sunday and week. :)
    I'm ok thx, i missed a lot of things regarding the hoax as i didnt receive my password that quickly; im too lazy to read every single page from the hoax thread lol. I'm watching mjfanforeverandaday's video which is interesting. Way better than her previous video. Would u mind me sending you a friend request ?
    Hi, thx for answering. I did send him a PM after sending my second email several days ago and i sent another email earlier today. Ill wait and see what happens.
    How long does one gotta wait to get his password for the I.U section ? I sent my request email several days ago.
    I've received a password just an hour ago :)
    You're right we don't know if he will get a password...
    Sadly I didn't get one :( I'm gonna miss all the stuff especially the things of DI this really sucks.
    hey girl how are you?
    I didn't receive a password for the IU yet I hope I get one I'll miss reading there.
    It's nice to see you got one :)
    hey sweets :) how've you been? happy belated valentines. Thanks for checking up on me :hug: *licks avatar* man, this pic will NEVER get old! i have to refrain from humping my door where it's blown up on there
    Aw..hehe...well thanks for dropping by! :flowers:

    Hope you have a great weekend, love! :huggy:
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