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  • TV has gone really rubbish, I don't know... just not like it used to be in my opinion.

    I go on YouTube and watch some funny stuff. You go on YouTube much?
    I see the post was But thanks again anyway :)
    I'm also fine, thanks! I just asked you because we didn't talk since around one month :)

    By the way, did you know that I'll fly to Los Angeles in June and visit Forest Lawn? I think it will be great (but of course sad too :() and I'm very excited :)
    Hey Alanna,
    how are you doing? I hope you're alright
    Ugh, in a crap mood. Nothing seems to be going right today. Went to the MAC counter and it was mad busy, only two sales reps there (and they were idiots to boot), and they didn't even have what I wanted. Have to order from the damn website now. How about you? Still working hard or hardly working? lol
    Hey that's good, gotta love that fat paycheck lol :D We so need to chat sometime. It's been way too long. Now that things have calmed down for me I should have more time to now :)
    I'm OK, these past couple of weeks have been so fucked with the prelims and going back and forth from hospice, and then the funeral and wake. Things are finally starting to calm down, thank God. How about you? :)
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