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  • Oh, thank you :)
    I don't know what we should talk about but if you have a topic - no problem! Actually, it would be great ;)
    Happy New Year :cheers: Have fun tonight my dear! :huggy:
    :party: :dance: :dancin:
    Dizzy dizzy dizzy night! :lol:

    See you in 2011 :wild: :cheers:

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas! May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer this Holy season, and throughout the year! Love, Peace and Joy.


    now now little nympho, all good things cum to those who wait! :shifty:


    Hello My Wee Canadian Sister! tehehehehehehe
    *...Happy Christmas...*

    From Alyssa
    Longest (3:59) version of Slave to the Rhythm

    pls i need the link!
    what's going on with you and HornyForMike? When will the marriage take place? ;)
    But really, I would like to know if this marriage proposal was actually for real :)
    Best regards
    Hi how are you ? :)

    Just saw your comment about my siggy lol, i wanted to give you some rep for it but the website won't let me do it as i must spread some rep first.
    Ah and I forgot to say that it didn't worked (of course). You know I'm from Germany so I couldn't understand what Mike was singing. While I danced for her I also sang the lyrics of the song but it was just a mix of "Wa La Ma Fe...Wa La Ma Fe..." and the girl was like WTF :D
    After that she never wanted to talk with me again :D Actually it's embarrassing what I did and that I tell that to you now but I've just remembered this funny thing as I tried to dance again :D
    Yeah, Behind The Mask is a great song! It even maked me wanna do the moonwalk (but it was an epic failure)!

    BTW as I was little I always wanted to immitate Michael in his dancing! I also did that on school. As I was 10 years old, I fell in love with a girl and I tried to dance "TWYMMF" for her. I imagined that she was Tatiana Thumbtzen and I was Michael! But it actually worked because she ran away and didn't want to talk with me so I ran after her and did the dance moves Michael did in the video as he wanted to attract her :D
    LOL definitely you and HornyForMike are two crazy people ;)
    can i wish you good luck for your marriage? ;)
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