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  • omg please look at the new thread in MITM 'this picture deserves a thread of its own'
    OMG... i cant even wsedrftyguhiokljhtfrdfgvhjbnk :dropdead:
    GIRLLL!! yes i saw how he straddled that railing!!!! *DEAD*

    naughty beast!!
    This situation is just too much for me, it's gone beyond a joke now to the point i've lost my anger. It's like a mystery that has to be solved.
    arh ok thats why then! Glad I chose there then! lol :) I've heard that if its nr a bone it hurts more, also other areas are more sensitive to pain cos of nerve endings etc! I'd better save my other arm for the next tattoo I want then, as I'm such a chicken! lol xxx
    Lovely. So you know what to expect then! I was so surprised at how much it didnt hurt! I had hyped myself up thinking it was going to be unbearable, but it was certianly tolerable! Mines healing nicely now too! xxx be nice to see ur MJ tattoo when its done! xxx
    NICE!!! I was also thinking about having Michael's dancing feet/ toe stand! Might get that as my 2nd tat! :) will this be your 1st tattoo? xxx
    All these damn months I've wondered that. All it took was checking one little box. Who'da thunk it? :hysterical:
    Was just bored, browsing around my profile and shit, and realized I never had visitor messages turned on, and I was wondering why I never got any (duh) :lmao:
    I'm good thanks for asking! :yes:
    Had my first ever tattoo today! :D
    About to post it in a min to the tattoo thread! :wub:
    Oh man I must be getting old! :doh:
    You posted that beautiful Lady in my life video in this thread I started, and I knew when I came to post it in the positive thread site I'd seen it somewhere before, but couldnt place where! :doh::wub:
    Sign of old age! Forgetfullness! :yes:
    Hope you are well!
    i know!! mmmmmmm
    he looks sooo aggressive in that gif!
    mmmmm why must he tease me like that!!!
    hahahahahha you just signed onto MSN!!! :lmao:

    Looks like he's saying 'fuck' and everything
    mmmmm look at those thrusts!!! i think id need a wheelchair after a session with him!! :stretcher
    yeah im coming now :shifty:
    i was there earlier but no1 was there
    cya in two wee secs! hehehe
    Argh! Sorry, I could see everything you were saying in the chat PM but I had froze and couldn't type back LOL.. No, Haven't had that link.. Send it to me please :fear: :D

    Hope work goes ok.. See ya soon. :)
    I was about to make a thread "What are you craving right now" but I saw there was already one. BUT LMAO I was gonna put in BOLD CAPS : N4ty, Arklove, Alyssa and Angelik? i'm watching yall

    you call it fall?? lol thats cool...we call it Autumn here lol
    yeah its really rainy and cold always so a wee slanket is perfect!!

    aaaaa thats how i was in work!! lol i was giving people too much change like £50 instead of £5, thankfully they were decent enough to tell me lol and not run off with the money!! :lol:
    yeah im really tired too!! im so glad to have seen 6pm...i was in work from 9am...and finished at 6. now im laying up in bed with my wee slanket round me...2mro off work yidddddup!!! :dancing: ...although ive to get up early for a driving lesson! :ranting:
    ohhh what era did you have last night?
    i had history era...he kept me up all night also...panging for it :naughty:
    such a BAD boy!! :swoon:

    whats the craic/scandal? :p
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