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  • Hey arXter - would be great to see you back on the forums..always enjoyed your posts! Stay safe! :)
    so I just randomly logged into mjcc and found out new MJ album is coming out in two days literally, haha.
    I'm being blessed with a lot of potential love candidates now. Most of them come from the office building where I work.

    Life and career wise, I am a very happy gay guy now. I wish that it will continue to get better and better in years to come.

    I miss you too, bro.

    I don't think I will come and visit MJJC after this any longer due to the reason that I've stated above. But you can always contact me at jjneogeo(at)yahoo(dot)com.

    See bro, I'm very happy now.




    Take care bro. Hugs.


    Hi Bro,

    Sorry for not replying to your message earlier as I have officially left this board and well, Michael's kingdom. I'm still a fan of course but I have moved on with my life without attaching myself to its surrounding kingdom (By all means the Jackson family and the fans). I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm being a jerk but too much drama, bro. I can live without that.

    I come today due to the new upcoming release but holy crap, the drama.

    Last I remember, I have mentioned to you that I do not practice Islam properly and was struggling as a gay guy.

    Fast forward. I am officially known strongly as an agnostic man amongst my friends and colleagues. I live based on common sense.

    Fast forward. I've broke up with my first boyfriend at the end of last year. We still remain friends though. I have come out to a lot of my friends and colleague. Pardon my language but I don't give a flying rat on people's judgments toward my sexuality.
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