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  • While you're being beautifully counter-productive, we're unbeautifully waiting for your return. So one week for 'that' comment? Naughty - no more FanFic for you.

    There's kind of the sound where the wind is blowing in a ghost town or the outback of Nevada. ''Whooooooosh''...''Whooooooooooosh''....
    Yeah, I already thought that. :hair_dryer:

    So you've hit their sensitive spot huh?! LMAO.
    That's a pity. Anyway, glad you'll be back. <3
    Dude. What the ef. :ermm: You're not having a perm now, do you? I'm gun' cry!
    Aaaaaaaaah for heavens sake !!!
    I have just seen that you are banned again.
    Why Arkan???

    After what Bob J did to me, are you kidding? Life's too short, and I'm too short to start forging accounts. Besides I'm pretty sure my sarcastic banter would out me as quickly as George Michael in an LA toilet.
    Hi how r u ?

    Sorry for disturbing you but since u go to uni i was wondering if u could tell me how u wrote ur cover letter for the uni to accept u. I mean how many paragraphs and what to write in the paragraphs etc,...

    I have to write one in english in order to study law next year. (among other things i will study english and american law)

    Have a nice week. [IMG]
    Thanks for the rep. As for the accompanying comment, have you ever undergone psychoanalysis?:thinking::D
    :popout: Another fan just checkin in to say 'hi'
    We sure are missin' your insights and style! :cheeky: I, too, hope its not forever. :shades:
    As-Salamu Alaykum.

    I thought as much. I'm going to miss reading your semi-intellectual posts. I hope to see you on MaxJax again very soon.

    Hey arX. :)

    You may not know me, but I was wondering.. Why on earth are you banned on MaxJax?
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