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  • I know I have been pretty blessed being able to grow up in a country that hasn't had to deal with those types of hardships. I can't begin to place myself in those shoes to fully understand, I wouldn't have a clue. ..But I do feel compassion for those who are in that situation.
    Oh thanks! I try my best lol. And so do you!

    I love the "Mr Grandberry" comment. haha. Yeah, I bet he hasn't had this many mentionings in years. lmao (or a decent record). You know, at one stage I loved "Entourage" and then I listened to it a bit more recently and nearly slapped myself for ever liking it. Gotta admit tho, it was hella catchy!
    High Five!

    OMG I love your profile pic lmao "I am Ohmahar" hehe.

    How are you?
    Hey Arxter, wat's up? Thx for the comment, I enjoy reading your comments on here as well. You make a lot of sense too lol, alright well hope you're having a great day. TTYL.
    Your very welcome . i like this ideai , its the best way to meet us all .....theres alot of us lol .
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