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  • Sobrevivemos um ano, Ro! E agora? :unsure:

    Espero que vc esteja bem!

    Hey Ashtanga,

    How have you been? Good I hope. Have I got some news for you! My stepsister had her baby and it's a boy!
    Thanks for the wall post! No problem at all -- we're all busy sometimes! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! :yes:
    Yes I already forgot about msn :)
    I'd love to talk to you on msn later I'm online now so I'll see you when you have time.
    Thanks :)
    How are you?
    I've been having a pretty hard time the past couple of days, I'm not sure what to think anymore and it's killing me.

    See you around x
    Hi there,

    Just letting you know I'll be away for a little while longer, I need to send in my old laptop so I can get my new one. I'll talk to u when I get back.

    Love and Hugs!
    Pior que a minha internet está muito, muito, muito ruim, mesmo! Um técnico virá aqui mexer na bagaça, pq eu fico 20 minutos conectada e caio! Um koo!
    Oi Nega!
    Não te encontrei mais no msn. Vc tá bem?
    Espero que sim!

    Hey there Ash,

    How's life? Good I hope. Just dropping in to let you know I'll be absent for a little bit. I need to send in my laptop for repairs. Somehow I cracked the screen. When it comes back, I'll be back!

    Love and Hugs!
    yeah prob a photographer as she couldnt have taken them herself but I thought it only right to ask before I posted them as they were hers on her FB :) xxx
    Hi again Ash! I really ought to give credit to Orianthi as these pics are from her! :)
    I dont really deserve any praise or rep for them as they are her pics not mine!! But we all love to share MJ and spread his love around! :)
    I asked her permission to post them here............she said yes!!
    So! There you go! :) xxx
    Hi! Glad you like the this is it pics I posted! :)
    I have several more amazing ones to put on but maybe over the next few days!
    Please maybe consider giving me rep if you havent already? Thanks and hope u are well xxx
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