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  • Yeah arriving at a party on an ambulance..what an entrance right? :lol:
    You're welcome.. hope you like it.
    But let me know your list in two weeks! I'd love to see it.
    Aww we weren't hurt..
    Thank god! :lol:
    My friend and I actually lol'd the whole night through,
    we just couldn't believe it. The ambulance brought us to the party bytheway! :lmao:

    Tiesto is good.. But I'm not so into him :ermm:
    Err.. Let me think
    I like
    Boys Noize
    Paul Kalkbrenner
    And more :lol:

    Thanks for the friendrequest btw! ;D
    Hi there!:waving:
    You like Techno huh? :shifty:
    Any suggestions? :lol:
    So funny.. I got in that car accident whilst going to a Techno party! :lol:
    yeah I was thinking about this as I was voting... seems it's going around in circles now lol, we got a few people voting up certain vids whilst others are voting down and the points have more or less been the same for a week now. :ninja: Tomorrow is a new week so I think I'll set them down to 15 tomorrow :flowers:
    Well you should be excited! It is such an amazing thing to do. People think it would be so scary but it turns out to be exhilerating and amazing and just like... life inspiring. I don't know how to explain it.... get on your friend about it, cuz you just have to do it. You'll love it :D Here's a pic of me when I tandem jumped... Soon it will be you with the chute ;)
    Even if you don't find anyone to go with...definately still go. If it's your first time you'll probably end up tandem to an instructor anyhow. I hope you have fun...the view is so great :D
    So I see you are going skydiving? Cool :D Have you gone before? I jumped in April and just loved it... want to go again ;)
    You’ll be disappointed bigtime! I went there and they said that “This Is It’ is not for IMAX screen it is only showing Harry Potter. I am not sure if they will ever show TII on IMAX. :(
    I actually overlooked this and just recently was reminded. You also spread the word because we have a limited time to see it on IMAX. It's going to be a great weekend :)
    Yes I am sure. It is there since 2005 :) I made an update over here:

    Hey Asis! I was at the Mall of the Emirates on Wednesday and Thursday, I also went to Reel cinemas, they seem to have better speakers…
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