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  • Was just reading the tsunami-thread.. I hope your friend, Junko, is safe and sound. xxx Take care, and try not to worry too much. Sending strenght your way!
    My dear friend,i know i told you this lots of times,but God knows its the truth...I LOVE YOU AND ADMIRE YOU SO MUCH!I'm here for you ALWAYS!TIGHT HUGS
    HUGSSSSSSSSSSSS.Merry Christmas my sweet friend.Love you very much...God Bless you always...
    I miss you so much my dear friend!....HUGS
    Just read your message Vic, thanx for letting us know. Thanx for being part of M.J. world and for giving your contribution. It was great to have you in our team, much appreciated.

    Keep in touch! L.O.V.E.
    I don't have time to respond to everyone, but THANK YOU! I only have time for PMs, but I'll respond to those when I'm able. Thanks everyone, for your support . . . .
    To one of the most loving,amazing,sweet,and human persons i ever met here,i want to wish you,withall my heart,a very good and blessed Thanksgiving day!
    Thank you so so much for everything you did and do for me always!
    Everyday i thank God for having you in my life,and i also pray for the joy that it is to you as a dear friend forever.
    God bless you my dear sweet friend!today and always!HUGS
    victoria,can you please go on msn now?it's urgent.thanks
    sending a big tight hug,to one of the most amazing persons i ever met here in this forum...YOU!
    Love you!
    Where we can read articles about the trial you wrote?
    Will you be writing in IU? I would really like to "hear" your voice there :)

    I already miss you. I have noticed that you post less lately.
    And I was mad when xy person (you know who) told you that you should "take a break" if you are so emotional abt all this. I wish there are more emotional and sensitive people here.
    Hi Victoria, Are you one of the administration team? Could you provide me with the password to access the investigative threads. I only occationaly go there just to update myself with what speculations and news over there .
    Victoria, can anything be done about people posting their thoughts in the TMZ no chatter thread? It's supposed to be chatter free so we can see updates easily and now people are in there having a conversation. Just passing it along. Thanks :)
    hey victoria...I was just in this is a new one here is the link...

    after you watch the clip I think you will ba as angry as I am....I think that he is trying to answer some of the questions that we were trying to ask in that interview that is suppose to be held....what do you think???.....I myself and pretty mad.
    Hi Victoria, I hope you are doing ok, you have been on my mind since the funeral and your posts on here that night x
    hi victoria I've been trying to enter the chat since yesterday and I've been there before but now I can't log in for some strange reason.
    I just need to use my log in of this site right?
    do something...please...delete the thread...:(
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