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  • Hola. Just trying to track you down. Can't understand it on here anymore! Why do things have to change Aaron. WHY? Anyhoo, hope all is well....
    It is great isn't it? I play it more than any George album, I think you're right every song is better & this version of Praying For Time is so beautiful and is in my Top 10 ever tracks. Fastlove & Freedom are also amazing. Glad you like it.
    They're pretty difficult to find, even in a good book shop like Barnes and Noble. The best bet, if you want the actual book, is to buy them off of That's where I bought Justine. You should be able to find 120 Days of Sodom in Barnes and Noble, however, since that's where I found it. Buy the thicker version, if you find more than one--I have a feeling the thinner ones have been edited/censored or something--the novel itself is pretty lengthy, despite being unfinished!

    I don't know where you live, but if you live in the UK, I heard Hesperus press was planning on releasing some of his works. I live in the U.S. so I'd probably have to wait a while for them to get imported here, if they ever do.
    No problem! It's a shame most libraries don't carry them--they're great literature. Do let me know what you think when you read them.
    No problem. Happy reading! Always a pleasure to introduce more people to the wonderful world of the Marquis.
    The Girlie Show is my fave of hers. I saw that one at Wembley. One of the best live shows ever.
    Yeah, my Mun found it in a charity shop branbd new for £4.99. It's got every single video exceot American Life annoyingly. But yes, it's great. I think Vogue, Rain, Die Another Day are my favourite videos of hers.
    But funnily enough they all came round to her way of thinking a couple of years later! Although you do have to get the balance right in concerts, people come to hear music/dance not to be lectured.
    Yeah, they came out in 2002 I think during one of her tours. I only have the first one Madonna. American Life is very electronic but again has that Madonna stamp.

    YouTube Nothing Fails or Mother & Father for the 2 best tracks.
    Hurrah! Told you so. I still love it as well. Especially Beat Goes On & Candy Shop.
    Poss. The extra stuff doesn't look that intersting though. Is the bonus disc good?
    It is good, but yes it takes a while to get into. I don't particularly like her slower stuff, but the first few tracks are killer. It's like a mix of Prince, Outkast, Ella Fitzgerald and many more. I'll give TT a spin this weekend. Did you get tickets for the shows?
    Just saw you posted on your own page! I never got the Cee-lo Green album in the end. LS said it was patchy so didn't bother.
    You off work today? The old age is kicking in.Ha! Whats the Cee-lo Green album like? It's on my list.
    It really was. Who knew what a fall was to come. Watching Vision the other day, who'd have thought that only 15 years after Earth Song & co he'd be dead.

    Anyway, stop bringing me down! I'm home I think for a cup of tea and an eccles cake. I'm too old for anything else!
    Yeah, like we've discussed before had the proper lead singles been released (Unbreakable, Whatever Happens, Butterflies) it would have been much bigger.

    I have to say, I think Smooth Criminal may be the best music video of all time. It always stuns me. He was the epitome of cool in that - you just wanted to be him.
    I know. How can you live with yourself. Mind you, in the case of Chandler's uncle, he couldn't. Didn't he kill himself 2 weeks after MJ died?

    Really good Invincible article you wrote by the way.
    Thank God you said that! Sometimes I think if you doubted him it makes you as bad as the Arvisos! But yeah, the funny thing is, it would have made sense if it had have been true. I guess they were clever enough to know that & use that against him. If someone made similat allegations against Prince or Bruce they would be laughed at but when it happened with Mike, people went 'mmmm, that makes sense'.

    Poor guy. I can't imagine anything worse that the whole world thinking you're a paedophile.
    Brilliant. I love it when he gets defended & people join in. When people say to me he was crazy, I agree 'Of course he was fucking crazy, he'd been famous worldwide since he was 10 until the day he died. He had no idea of what normality was. That's why he lived like he did, it was all normal to him. From changing his face to having Neverland, he created his own reality.'

    To be perfectly honest with you, when the allegations first surfaced, a little part of me thought there's a possibility this could be true. Not because he was a bad person, but because maybe he doesn't fully understand 'society's rules' and thinks it's acceptable. Of course, having followed the trial, I know it was all bullshit!
    I was on a long car journey yesterday with a work colleague/friend & I played 'The Essential'. It's amazing how much people enjoy his music, even people who aren't the same level of fandom as us. She knew every song/every word. It's silly but I felt so proud. Very few artists could do that, where even non fans know every song on a 2 CD Greatest Hits. Maybe Madonna, Beatles possibly Elvis and that's it. You wouldn't even get that with prince.
    I guess he became too big & became a product rather than a singer. When that happens something is inevitabley lost. Also, Madonna & Prince had the good fortune to be adults when they had worldwide fame & adulation so handles it much better whereas Mike unfortunately got troubled by it.
    I hear you. Don't get me wrong on Robbie, I do like him & have his first 4 albums, but he's just a bit too much. And I never a twat, even when I was 16 (just now).

    And the MJ album, yes it is more a collection rather than an album as such. I'd file it alongside The Ultimate Collection rather then Off The Wall & co. That's why I'm surprised people are expecting it to sell like Dangerous. I can't see many people other than fans buying it. Also, it's funny how loads of fans slag it off then complain when it doesn't sell well!
    No, I was going to watch it, but I think it was on past my bedtime. Plus there's only so long I can take Robbie for before I want to punch him. I do like him, but he can get a bit much. What do you think to all this 'Michael' furore? I'm surprised at houw much I like the album. Behind The Mask is an unexpected pearl and I love Much Too Soon and Another Day as well.
    Hey yourself Monkey Nuts. I've just been for a walk and now my nose is bright red. Apart from that, all okay thanks. I got the Take That album for my birthday yesterday so will be giving that a spin & letting you know what it's like. I presume you have it?
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