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  • I'll be damned, you were here! I know you won't respond but it's nice to think you're still Watchin'. All the best to you, whoever you are.... :)
    Hi,Someone talked about yourself since a long time and i wanted to know you because she said many good things about you ;D
    It's all for Love,L.O.V.E <3
    Thought I'd say "Hi". I appreciate your posts, I am trying to understand, to connect the dots. I hope all is well with you; hope you'll be back some day.

    Peace, Love & Light to you and your loved ones. Take care.
    hello back, my name is janet and I'm French and I was wondering if you could accept me in your contacts thank you
    I'm only the 2,604th visitor of this page !! I saw some of your posts and the channel of 21311 KW (yours!), well, I will keep watchin', that's for sure !and as he says :"It ain't NO stoppin' us now, We're on the Move"...Take care ! and be BACK soon ! LOVE
    You know, I would like to see some another post by you. Take care. :)

    God bless you.
    Hello back! My name is mjfannn but you can call me Kim..;) I don't know if you still come on here from time to time but I just want you to know that I truly admire your posts and from one artist to another I know creativity when I READ it and you my friend are truly an artist....I can't explain how I know. Like the saying takes one to know one. ;)

    GOD Bless,

    Hi! How are you feeling?
    I was wondering why all of your post seem to have disappeared?
    Hey Hey! Do you still visit MJJC? Ive added you as a friend.

    Take care of yourself and hope to see you back (no pun intended) on MJJC.

    Peace and Love

    Totally agree with you. There's so many trolls on this board, they manage to get many threads closed down. But I really wanted to say that this whole affair is so planned, it's obvious. But I'm afraid TBTB who tortured MJ most of his life are the same ones behind all this. I just want to scream of how obvious it is.

    Unfortunately I don't share your optimism
    Hey! Nice seeing your post about the children and the family in the main forum today.
    It's always good to know that there are some that still stand up to the injustice and blind hate.

    Much Love from my side,

    J (MJJ7777)
    You posts have kept me thinking and have helped me deal with this.. Who are you? I would really like to get to know you pm me...Please :)
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