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  • Since your in Houston, I just wanted to check in with you and see how you are holding up. Are you okay? I've been watching the coverage and was thinking of you and others on this site who may live in the area. So devastating. Your in my thoughts.
    :birthday: to you Miss Barbs :D I've been thinkin' of ya all day long. In between your unmistakable username and the plenty connections in my own life, I couldn't help but remember your b-day. Not only do I got a friend who shares your birthday, but it turns out I also got a former boss who has the same day. And there are some other connections as well........

    Leaving all of that aside, well wishes to you on your big day and beyond it :birthday: again :)
    Yeah me neither.
    I flip thru magazines and the newspaper from time to time but I need a good book. Or pick up my bible a little more. :)
    Sounds like you have a plan dear Barbee. :)
    And I was wondering the same thing about 2000 Watts.

    You're right about TV. It's that way for me daily, unfortunately. I just muddle thru tho. I really need to read more. :ermm:
    Hahaha! :lol: Thanks Barbee. The comment of the day, huh? OK.
    Thats just one way I can describe Michael's voice. Smooth, sweet, and creamy just like butter.
    I truly believe that was one of the single most important issues in the whole article. That and all the awful revelations Paris made about her own experiences.
    Thank you so much Dewey. I'm home today, and just immersing myself in MJJC today. I ran across a Diana Ross doc on YouTube the other day and i think I might go ahead and watch that today for escapism. :) I hope you have a lovely day.
    I hope you see the Hollywood Palace there-it's absolutely delightful-it's the one where they're wearing those lime green suits with the puffy pink shirts-Diana is breathtaking in it-and she and Michael play off each other great-he's like an old showbiz pro already-kinda like Sammy was himself at 9 years old. "MEMORIES......." cue Streisand here. LOL.

    And you know what? It's fun to talk about these things-because they were REALLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    haha-yes, the rocked and I think we both appreciated how great they were, and we're not just looking back nostalgically. I know the Jacksons were on Sonny and Cher-they had that little skit with Michael putting Sonny down (it's on YouTube) and then of course, later-around 76, maybe? they did Cher's show by herself, which I remember was one of her very best shows ever. That afro wig that she wore during it is etched in my memory forever. And one of my favorite Jackson variety show episodes was where Sonny was their guest, because Michael sang "More than you Know"-one my favorite songs-and that was the summer that his voice totally melted me-his voice and that song-
    Thanks by the way for the trip back in time. I love reminiscing about those days. Now I do sound old but the 70's & 80's rocked.
    The Mike Douglas interviews with the jacksons are online and I think Dinah Shore is still up. Oh god this is all taking me back! I don't remember if we watched The Hollywood Palace or not to be honest. I just remember Ed Sullivan, Merv Griffin etc..and Carol Burnett. Thank you for looking for the Merv Griffin! I do remember them on Carol Burnett, but I don't remember him on Sonny & Cher. Must have missed that one. Memory is starting to get a bit fuzzy. LOL. Hmmm..think I'll go check those old shows out and see what I can find.
    That's beautifully put. I really admire how you express your feelings about him. So articulate. Do you remember him on Ed Sullivan. I have a vague memory of them on there, but I do remember the Merv Griffin one in '74 I think it was. Flopped down in our basement hoping he'd do the robot and loving the bit where he goes into the audience. Not sure if that's still online anywhere.
    Thank you for the reputation. So much great music and artists. We were lucky weren't we?
    It was bound to happen. I said it was no more to be said in the thread a a member said a bit odd coming from staff. it quite in there no post later other then what i just did.
    No. I was just reading what you posted about Gary. :). I'll go here now. I take it back.
    I posted "oh hell" right off the bat when it was announced but don't think I've been back posting in the thread since.
    I've been reading the posts and hundreds of articles about the sale. I've surprised myself by being so depressed about it.
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