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  • Hi my friend i am back all moved in to my new apartment still fix it up have my MJ posters up but most of all i back with my family it good to be home again:ciao:
    Hi yourself :)

    Don't worry about anything. I'm just relieved to know you didn't take offense at the picture. I was afraid you considered it too childish as a wish for a grown woman, but I thought it was the most appropriate image considering your username. Glad you liked it.

    I'm also happy to hear that you enjoy so much being here among fellow-minded people. I'm sorry to hear you don't have that in real life. It really is amazing how you've been so loyal from the very start, it really is.

    Sorry also about your mom.

    You take care and have a nice weekend!!!
    Hey doll :p.......................

    Was goin' to ask if it was your b-day today considering your username and then I saw it confirmed. Hope you enjoy urself on your special day.

    I also have a real life friend who's b-day is today. I spoke with her on the phone earlier. And btw of friends, considering we've bumped heads in several threads already, I think it's only fair I would send you a friend request. You don't have to accept though, ur call.

    Girl :girl_smile:
    You are so kind. I get kinda emotional sometimes so I actually keep quiet a lot. I hate confrontation. (But sometimes I can't help it.)
    You're really sweet.

    barbee, I agree with so many of your posts and I enjoy them very much. :yes:
    :ciao::wild: Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed my excitement over a 30 year old concert, LOL! It feels like it was yesterday and I can never forget how hyped up and crazy happy I was seeing Mike in concert again. If it wasn't for my sister Chris I wouldn't have been able to go. Yes, I was jealous of Diana too, because it was so obvious Mike was in love with her, but Stephanie Mills looked like she was going to actually snag him (and I hated her, lol)! When I was a kid I used to tell my mom (then my aunt that raised me after she died) that I was going to marry him, LMAO! Too funny!
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