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    Austin Birthday on Monday - get him on KIIS FM Top 9 @ 9

    This Monday (Nov. 22) is Austin's 25th birthday. Let's get him on KIIS FM's (LA) Top 9 @ 9. Fans have been tweeting all weekend. here's the goal - general as many #Austin85 messages for him to read (A HUGE LOAD) and keep voting and calling in to KIIS FM and request "Target Practice" by Austin...
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    TOm Bahler's Soulful Memories with Michael Jackson (positive article)

    I think there are so many people like this who would love to talk, but it's hard to trust people who write because you never know what spin they're going to throw. (I'm a writer and I still feel this way because sadly, this is the reputation we've given ourselves over the years - not everyone...
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    TOm Bahler's Soulful Memories with Michael Jackson (positive article)

    Thank you for taking the time to read it Marty. Tom has true love and respect for Michael. I'm happy you enjoyed the article.
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    TOm Bahler's Soulful Memories with Michael Jackson (positive article)

    Tom Bahler use to work with the Jackson 5 and with Michael and has nothing but positive memories of him. I hope you enjoy...
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    TLC Fans (Left Eye)

    This was her 8th year, God bless her.
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    TLC Fans (Left Eye)

    Hey guys, just wanted to post an article celebrating Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes' birthday May 27. Hope you enjoy, all of you that are fans...
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    Austin's Official Web site coming together

    Hi guys, Visit Austin's Official Web site is coming SOON! Have a great night! Christina
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    Where can I create a free Web site with a lot of Bandwidth?

    I'm looking into creating a free website that offers a large amount of free bandwidth. Anybody know of any good selections? I can't afford to pay but would love to build a free one. I'd like it to have as little ads as possible, but I understand that can't always happen. Just wanted to see if...
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    Jesse McCartney fans (live footage & pix)

    Hey guys, if you're a fan of Jesse, I posted video and pictures from 2009. I'll post more picture and video footage soon. hope you enjoy, christina
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    BBoiSound Twitter (Austin Brown)

    If you guys are on Twitter, add - @BBoiSound to your page. It's the twitter of Austin Brown's official fan site. Hope you all are well. :)
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    Michael Jackson Photo Collectors

    Join the new facebook group for Michael photos!!/group.php?gid=286395720705 Millions of fans collect Michael Jackson photos. Join the new facebook group that's bringing the fans and collectors together: Michael Jackson Photo...
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    Good books/Bad books on Michael - Holiday Gifts

    It's frustrating because my Web site The Michael Jackson Vault ( has been around since 2005. This book came out randomly with my site title... Frustrating lol
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    Good books/Bad books on Michael - Holiday Gifts Check it out - these are two books MORE than worth it.
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    'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    I think I'm talking about the TIMES way of ordering (magazine or not, I can't remember lol). Anyone have any updates?? :(
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    'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    Mine was ordered through the magazine notice through a friend. I forget, but it was some special... Does anyone know what I'm talking about? (My memory is going lol)... But I'm wondering when those will come...