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  • :wild: Yeah.... I'm officially on holiday! :D A whole week!!!!! I hope you get yours very quickly! :yes: Take care! :hug:

    Haha You were looking for new siggy's hmm?? LOL I need to change mine in all honesty, yet laziness sets in and I become stagnant.. Isn't that wonderful? I am so sore and my body feels twice its age. I will never succumb to the decree of moving myself and the kids things on my own, I nearly killed myself :lol:
    Thanks for your wishes :hug: and of course for the beautiful pic!!! :wub: Here you are... for my nice :friends:

    Aww! I hope you get better soon! :better: Take care my sweet Italian princess! :hug: I'm fine :D Looking forward to Easter holidays! :wild:

    Haha we need to speak sometime soon, I do miss your voice -smile-!
    Aww! Love you two, too! Both of you are missed here :hug: I hope you have a nice week! Now I'm going to sleep! Tomorrow is a hard day! :sigh:

    Take care sweetie! :hug:

    Have a great Friday! :hug: Are you in touch with Whisper? Tell him he's missed here!

    :lol: Pizza! :dribble: My second fave! But I had pizza two days ago! :D

    Enjoy your "normal" evening! :giggle:
    Big :hug:
    Pasta :woohoo: My fave! Yummy!

    Have a good time out with your friends! But don't drink to much! :lol:
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