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  • Happy Birthday Beccabubbles in L.O.V.E

    and for ALL you do for Michael and US his Fans on a daily basis THANK-YOU !!:bow:
    Hey Becca, sorry my Twitter is actually jackie1188, sorry thought it had an h in it lol

    love ya loads
    Hey, Becs!!
    I´ll send you a pm - hope that you can help me. :)
    Thanks in advance!!!
    Hi Becs...Hope you had a great Christmas and plan to party hard for the new year. Thanks for your support and friendship and I hope to see you soon! Ben
    Hey hunny sent you a text this morning but I know you're really busy. Remember that I love you lots and lots and lots xxxxxxx
    Hey hon.

    My phone's dead, so couldn't text you back last night.

    If we do the clubnight at the end of November in the same venue as last time, we should be able to get a 25% discount on the hire ci
    Hello, i think we spoke once or twice via private messages when you first joined.. something to do with you meeting up to watch TII together.. well anyway, I hope you're doing well, and it's great to see you as a moderator now! Love xxx
    Boooooooooo! Hey gorgeous girl, hope you're having an amazing weekend. Love you lots and lots and lots xxxxxxx
    Taking soe time out, will be back online on the 24th - just need to clear my head.
    See you all then xxxx
    Thanks for your comment making me feel welcome to the meetup :) I'm a bit undecided atm, but definitely want to do something on that day.
    I've sent you a friend request, hope that's ok.
    Jesus that is so hot!!!! I always think Stacey is going to collapse whenever we play a clip of that :lol: !
    Eeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! Soooooooooooo excited beyond belief. Have to watch Moonwalker on Friday night. Come Together in big screen HD glory :swoon:
    Jesus christmas Becca they are everywhere lol! Love you soooooooooooooooo much and cannot wait to see you girls on Friday! Love you love you L.O.V.E you!!!!
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