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    hey, ATLF. I no longer post on this board. So, you can e-mail me at or...

    hey, ATLF. I no longer post on this board. So, you can e-mail me at or contact me on the KOPD board if you are a member. I am LBee on there. I am so sick and tired of this dump. I do not know what smart person wastes their precious time supporting MJ in this dump. These...
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    Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson at Secret Meeting with Allgood Ent. Yesterday

    That TMZ article is some nonsense. Those fools could not even tell their readers that MJ and the family did not sign the documents. Also, that clown from AGE wants to sue MJ because he refuses to do the concert. That is laughable. It really is. For what? Just because he approach these people...
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    May - 15 - 17 News & Mentionings

    Thanks for posting that statement. I loved it.
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    May 12, 2009 News & Mentionings

    Thanks for the news, you guys and my prayers go out to the victims of the earthquake that happened in China a year ago. Please. I have never heard of some Kenny Ortega until MJ start hanging out with the guy. Blah. The L.A. Times article reharshed nonsense in the article so blah. EM - Thanks...
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    Happy Mother's day to all mothers and to Miss Katherine Jackson

    I like to wish a happy mothers day to my wonderful mother, my grandmothers, my godmother and all of the mothers who are either friends of mine or my co-workers. I also would like to wish a happy mothers day to the mothers on this board and Katherine, Rebbie the late Enid, the late Dee Dee...
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    Jermaine News from the Swedish MJJ.SE [MJ Related]

    ^ How would people know what he would do or say? We do not know these people personally so..... People are going to believed the BS whether it is true or false. I find it disgusting that some fans waste their time and do this to his family. This ish gets old after a while.
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    Weekend News Bytes 14 March 09 - 15 March 09

    My comments about Annie Lennox stays. I didn't stoop to any level. I told the truth about her. Worry about what YOU do, sosodef. She is a nobody. Rasta, thanks for posting these artciles of the media reporting the fact that MJ concerts have now sold out. The media are either going to report...
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    Michael Jackson preps new album (not official)

    How does doing the moonwalk have to do with age? How do they correlate? Either you can do the moonwalk or your can't. I mean, really, the stupid article thinks that we are stupid. The article is a lie. They have now realized that they can't call MJ an has been because, we all know why, but...
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    Jermaine News from the Swedish MJJ.SE [MJ Related]

    It is a dumb article but people who hate Jermaine are gonna believe it anyway.
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    Weekend News Bytes 14 March 09 - 15 March 09

    The freak is Annie Lennox. The fact that she made a career dressing like a man and looking like a clown tells a lot about her. She, like a lot of jealous, media whore acts is an act. She is not the real deal like Michael. She lowered herself to call a man of respect and class a "freak" because...
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    Jermaine News from the Swedish MJJ.SE [MJ Related]

    The BIG difference? What makes you assume that it is even true? We do not even know if that is the truth. This could all be a damn lie and maybe some messed up Jermaine fan (I did not even know he had a fan board. Now, that is new.) got jealous and said those things. There are Jermaine haters on...
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    Jermaine News from the Swedish MJJ.SE [MJ Related]

    Honestly, I do not think this is true but you never know with Jermaine. With that said, I am going to take this information as gossip and not even waste any time with it. There are the Jermaine haters on this thread ready to give Jerm a new one, so they can go ahead and trash a man's brother...
  13. Bee. news..London is on fire..

    Thanks for posting the news, rasta. I am LOVING the Michaelmania madness. Man, just like the old days! :)
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    March 11, 2009 - More Dates Added to London O2

    Thanks for the news. They are just adding news dates, huh? Well, that can only be a good thing. :) The news is very exciting and I really hope it is true regarding the new single coming out before he starts his concerts. This summer is going to be AMAZING!!! I cannot wait. :)
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    March 10 - News and mentionings - Jackson set to break tickets sales!

    The entertainment shows: Access Hollywood, Extra, and E! have reported the big news. However, crappy ET/Insider never reported the big news. They were busy paying that nut octocrazy for her crazy stories about her crazy life. Those haters totally ignored the biggest entertainment story of the...