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    PICS - Neverland From Above: Heli Tour Company Flies Die-Hard Michael Jackson Fans

    Wow, these are great photos. So emotional to see. Thanks very much for posting :)
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    Where/What were you doing when you heard Michael passed+how will you remember him?

    I was living in England at the time and was playing on my xbox. I accidentally turned over to the TV and saw something about MJ. I thought it was talking about his concerts at the O2, but then listened more carefully to find he had cardiac arrest. In an instant my world changed, and alone...
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    A year later, how is the new generation of fans?

    I have been a fan for my whole life, and MJ will continue to attract and keep new fans for eternity. MJ is captivating and no one can ever deny his talent and good nature. Mankind is just so lucky to have had such a wonderful person to inspire generation after generation after generation...
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    6/23/09 - Today, two years ago...

    This is just so sad. Why did this have to happen, life can be so unfair.
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    NOW AVAILABLE: "All In Your Name" - BUY IT LEGALLY FOR US-$ 1.15 only (CC only!)

    I love this song. It is just so beautiful , peaceful and angelic. Hearing Michaels pure voice just sends shivers down my spine. Oh God I wish he was still with us all. Time is meant to make things easier, but I can say for me it is not. Thank you to Barry for releasing this, it a true...
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    The Triptych by David Nordahl (hi-res image request)

    Hi All, Does anyone here have a high resolution image of the following painting by David Nordahl. Specifically, I am interested in the frame. I have some memorabilia which I would like framed but am after something a bit different so would like to commission a custom frame inspired by MJ's...
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    MJJC Meet Up UK......2nd April...........THREAD UPDATED, INFO RELEASED!

    Re: MJJC Meet Up UK......SAVE THE DATE! More reason for you to come along. I turned up to an event on my own and have met some really wonderful people. You'l kick yourself for not coming to an even sooner 'cause everyone is just as friendly and special as MJ is.
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    'AUSTRALIA DEMANDS JUSTICE' Aerial Banner Project

    Request Sent too. Will see what donation I can rustle up.
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    'Official Michael Jackson Opus' (All Threads Merged)

    Has there been any update on the print and the Opus Reality? I would still like what I have paid for!
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    Concert in Moscow in 1993 – the full story

    Really good read. Thanks for sharing it.
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    Black or white - the angry lyrics

    I always interpreted it to be a rebellion against racism and intolerance in the world.
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    who has met michael or seen concert ?

    I have never seen him in a proper concert but I did see him at the World Music Awards in London. He threw his jacket to the crowd at the front of the stage, and I touched his jacket. Unfortunately the jacket was ripped to shreds :(
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    MJJC Meet Up UK......2nd April...........THREAD UPDATED, INFO RELEASED!

    Re: MJJC Meet Up UK......SAVE THE DATE! Aww damn, Wish I could come along to this!! I miss all the events you guys have. Guess I'll just have to come back to England!!
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    This Is It Tickets

    Hi All, Is anyone here interested in selling their TII Tickets or being involved in a swap? I have two '12 Faces' tickets that I am willing to swap or sell. I would like to get the Dangerous and two Billie Jean tickets if anyone has them. If you can help, PM me so we can discuss how to...