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  • Alternative Human Nature? Does it have a music box sound to it? I'm not sure if that sound which I hear on my Thriller SE is present in the original version of the album. What is the alternative version like?
    Merry Christmas
    Hello, is this possible to get the complete BAD - videoclip including ending credits on an CD or DVD from you for our collection? If its possible you can get from us a very rare recording of M.J. !!! Hope to hear from you soon
    My emailaddress is:
    Hey - I just wanted to stop by and say that I appreciate your factual posts & comments. I saw them over at Steady-Laughing and here too, and though I don't come to MJJC as much anymore, I still wanted to friend you :).
    Just noticed you message from 16/11/08. I live in North London, can't say more than that.

    Do you have a link to your version of Human Nature at all please?
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