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  • Of course my dear! I know you're hurting!! I'm numb too!!
    I know you'll make something beautiful, not now, of course, I know friend!!
    Hugs!! :(
    Hello big DB!! I've always loved your videos!! I was reading a thread and I saw your reply and I thought I'd send u a note to say that I love your videos and maybe when you're feeling better, you'll make a beautiful tribute video about Michael! :boohoo:
    Hugs!! :boohoo:
    wud you be kind to vote/rate me in a competition iv entered. its called miss yamaha 2009 and you get to be umbrella grl for world super you probs dont know im a masive motorcycle fan and i go to the races every year and also ride myself. i would be greatful if you cud help out.. heres the link ... thank you x and spread the word xx
    can u upload the PC of Kenny ortega e Randy phillips from last week? umm.. nevermind quality i just need to translate it and upload to a local server. pleasssse.
    Oh, I see. Yeah, it's a shame.
    We have a very bad situation here no matter what your profession is, it's really hard. I'm also trying to figure out what to do. I want something really good.
    It's good you're learning new things, it's always positive and useful even though it doesn't look/feel that way sometimes. Just keep doing it.
    Good luck with everything!

    Yes, I'm going to London, too! Can't wait to meet you all there! It's gonna be wonderful. I've always wanted to visit London and see Michael live and I'm happy it will all be happening very soon!
    :) I'm happy to hear that! Grandparents mean a lot in our lives. Enjoy time with them while they're still alive.

    I've been doing good, thanx. I'm busy with my Master's degree and part-time job. Still can't find a normal job, ahhh...
    You said you're not teaching anymore. Got another job or...?

    I'm so excited 'cause of the trip to London! I'm gonna see M.J. live for the first time in my life! WoOoW! You?
    Just dropped by to say HI. Glad to hear good news about your grandpa.
    Keep up the good work with the videos!
    oi love, it's the person they th ink is mj's new manager...bad guy and roger was called by him and then roger put out all this info about how he was bad. so i reckon he's good for now
    we already fought behind the cafeteria...we both lost.we knocked each other out at the same time...dammit i gotta work on my timing!
    oh dom i know! lol i was just making a point cuz u know how they can be! celebrating bashiir's brain tumor but then crying for someone they don't even know
    I have a ticket (one) but Im not sure I will be able to
    Travel to London _ We are pretty much in dire straights
    here _ Im a beliver in miracles though :) I also know in
    my heart that MJ will perform here _ being this is his swan
    song so to speak :) - Im just so HAPPY for him and the fans
    I can even feel that bad _ I wanted this for him so MUCH
    The Timing is SO perfect ..The world needs him _ they need
    some escapism _ I know I do (eeeK) I wanted him to see how
    much he was still loved and admired. Now he will have great
    confidence and be able to focus on his art _

    Hey Dom
    Happy ST Patty's day _ Luv yu
    Hi sweetie,unffortunately i can't go to London.But i will be there in spirit,i will be there with everybody i love,with you,in thoughts and prayers.You have fun for you and me.:)
    will you see all the concerts Dom? :)
    no i am not... just the 30rd of july concert. some days before and after, but that's it. it's toooo much money. so why u gave up on the date?
    hey man! I just saw we are both attending the 30th of july concert... Which seat do you have? It would be cool to meet , what do you say? :)
    Yeah man, how's everything?! :)
    I started a couple of days ago to download the man in the mirror documentary (amazing BTW!!!) via the megaupload files you had. I only got to download part 1-10 (+17) before the "account suspended" message appeared.
    I'm just wondering if you might still have the megaupload links to the other parts saved on your computer or something?
    I'd really love to download it, I only have it in that 1.2GB version with the distorted sound.

    Take care! :)
    my sweetie,you are not going to London tomorrow?
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