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  • no i am not... just the 30rd of july concert. some days before and after, but that's it. it's toooo much money. so why u gave up on the date?
    hey man! I just saw we are both attending the 30th of july concert... Which seat do you have? It would be cool to meet , what do you say? :)
    Yeah man, how's everything?! :)
    I started a couple of days ago to download the man in the mirror documentary (amazing BTW!!!) via the megaupload files you had. I only got to download part 1-10 (+17) before the "account suspended" message appeared.
    I'm just wondering if you might still have the megaupload links to the other parts saved on your computer or something?
    I'd really love to download it, I only have it in that 1.2GB version with the distorted sound.

    Take care! :)
    my sweetie,you are not going to London tomorrow?
    Hello Dom, do you still have a copy of the MJJForum tribute video that you made ?? Feeling sentimental and couldn't find it anywhere :(
    i pray or you and your grandfather everyday too.Like you,i pray for all my friends and family.You are much strongger than you think.If i am strong,is to people like you that must thank.I'm here always!love you so!
    I'm so happy to know that your grandpa is recovering...Stay positive...keep the faith,before you know it,you will have him with you at his place.
    I'm tired but doing well.i just wish there was hope for my mother
    I licked on convert and it said buy now,but when I clicked to buy it came up to buy another extra converter that I don't want,and I cannot proceed any further can I get it anywhere else
    Hey Dom.Hope your well.Loved your Man In The Mirror documentery.Well done:)
    Dom...how are you doing?how is your grandpa?keep me updated ok?you are in my prayers.love you
    I'm here for you today and always Dom.Love you
    Dom sweetie,i don't have words to thak you enough for your love and support.Love you very very much.HUGS
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