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  • Awesome work on the documentary. Thank you for posting it up and you should be proud.
    Hey dom just wanted to tell you what a great job you have done with this documentry and thanks for the dedication you have done for this.
    Dom I just wanted to tell you thank you for your response you had for me in my thread about wanting a teacher position. I am very proud of what I do and I know that you have found what you like to do. Sometimes you have to leave what you like most to do other things to even out your life.
    Hello! Haven't been here for ages, just dropped by to say HI to some members of the team I used to work with.

    Nice to see you on Interactive team, still doing your thing ;-)
    Hey Dom. Hope all is going well with your documenty that we are all waiting for. Good luck with your production. I know it will be the best of the best in your line of work. : )
    Dom!!! :D hope you're well :)

    I just finished my first report writing experience :D how thrilling hey? :D LOL
    Hey Dom..ur the one doing the man in the mirror doco on youtube right? How have u been? :)
    Hi Dom
    The preview is awesome
    cant wait to see the finished product
    and my contributions - will this be one
    video or in parts ???

    I hope you're well. Your videos just keep on getting better and better :D

    Did you get a teaching job? how's it going for you? :)
    Hey there, my editor - idol lol.

    Did you check out the full Stranger In Moscow video for MJ's birthday? Plz comment. I know it's not pro as your videos, but I am trying :D

    Cya around,all the best.
    Hello Dom! Thanks for the wonderful videos that you create for us. They mean so much to me in my fanship to MJ.
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