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  • Hi I was just wondering how is it coming along with the video project? Let me know if you need any help! :)
    oh thats nice, you been there also:)did you have a great time?
    i see you are from England, i remember we were usually standing next to fans from England, maybe it was you, right in front of Michael`s window :)
    Oh my gosh really? Wow, I'm from Brighton (hove to be precise) you're pretty close to where I live! :)

    Are you at sxith form?
    Hi. my name is Goar, I'm a huge Mj fan & I need to know where exactly will the fans gather together to celebrate MJ's Bday? I mean in Los Angeles! PLZ E-mail me to; Cell: 818 464 8504
    aww thanx yo for the message hun & for accepting the friend invite too , BD, i hope we can yapp more because i always find your posts so sweet , are yo from uk too ? .i must admit im very impessed bout these 'fiiles they deffo represent the unity that mjjc brings -once we have smileys and stuff well itl be' profiiln' innit lol . ~keep michaelin .x
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