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  • aw Fran. So glad you are back. I'm happy you are okay :hug: Thank you for the adorable picture. I love it so much I made a wally out of it last time ^_^ I am fine here. My semester is ending and I will have a short holiday after that. I havent been able to focus much on my study lately becoz my mind was focusing else thing :( I hope I will do better next semester. It will be my final semester. And dear, may all the best goes to you, your life and your family. I love you :heart: Please take care Fran :hug:
    Oh Fran, I'm so glad you're back. I missed you more than I can say
    I hope everything is okay with you now, hopefully we can talk on MSN soon
    I love you :heart:
    Hi everyone...

    It has been so long. If any of you still check up on me at all, please write me. I had to take a break from here for a while because I was neglecting everyone and everything in my life in order to be on here. I have finally found a healthy balance in my life but I am missing Michael and my MJJC family so much.

    Anyway, if you are around, let me know.

    Thank you everyone, L.O.V.E.
    Dear Fran,
    How are you ? Where have you been ? I am missing you :( I hope you are okay and I really hope to hear from you soon. Love you lotx hun :hug: :heart:
    dear Fran,

    I hope you are fine :hug:
    I miss you lots..
    Hope to see you soon :heart:
    Please take care dear
    aw Fran :hug:
    I'm sorry I left like that. I have missed you so much too. I'm back. I hope you are okay dear. Please let me know :(
    my dear Fran,
    I am sorry that I left without a message for 3 weeks :( I am very well dear. I really hope you are too. I love you. Thanks for all sweet messages. They are wonderful and really made me happy. Thanks Fran :hug:
    Of course it's not your fault.:) Nevertheless, I will respectfully decline your suggestion!:D
    Aw, love :( What is making you feel unwell? I'm sending love and warmth to you :hug:
    I am okay I guess, thank you for asking :hug:
    How are you? :heart:
    I'm sorry I can't speak your language :blush:
    I love you more :heart:
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