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  • At least you took my advice to lighten up!:D

    What were you "kidding" about?:unsure:

    Thanks, it was nice chatting with you too.:yes:

    I hope you enjoy the rest of you day!:)

    You're welcome!:)

    The fact that you have to think about it proves it's true!:D

    Well, of course that's what you have to say to avoid a reputation as one of those kind of women!:D
    Because you're one of the beautiful people!:):D

    That's what you want people to think!:D

    Have you looked at your profile recently?!:D

    You should've blackmailed them!:D

    Of course, because there's nothing wrong with your sex life!:D
    Grazie!:) Mi è piaciuto il video molto. Non ho capito tutte le parole ma basta. La musica è molto bella.:)

    Thank you very much for your pleasant message!:) I express the same sentiment in return!::yes:


    Yes, I will be :) I am always here, any time :hug: Take care love. *Hugs*
    Are you sure? :hug: You know where I am if you need me :heart: Take care <3
    Hello sweeheart :) I am okay thank you :hug: How are you? :heart: You're beautiful! <3
    Hiya Fran :huggy:
    Just have to say.... i absolutely LOVE your avatar and siggy... :swoon:
    Its soooo beautiful..and gorgeous!!
    Hello, love :hug: I am feeling a little bit better, thank you :) I hope you and your family are doing well :heart:
    aw that's good. It's good to know you are feeling better today :) I wish everyday will be that way for you :hug:

    Thank you for all the beautiful pictures of Michael. I love looking at his pictures very much. Here's one of my favourite. I hope you can see our angel in this picture :heart:
    I'm pleased to hear that :)
    I am not well unfortunately :( I had a fall a few days ago so I'm recovering from an injury :(
    Please take care, love :heart: :hug:
    You are welcome dear :heart: I thank you to you too becoz my visitor page is so beautiful now. They are all very lovely especially the Say Say Say videoshoot picture. Michael is so beautiful. I miss him too :(

    :hug: I know. I wish we are not that far away too :( But I'm glad through MJJC, we can get connected. My computer is a friend of mine becoz you are on the other end :)
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