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  • LOl thank you for recognising my NEW name Bannister :)
    I love One More Chance
    OMG Thank you for you stopping by!! I am glad you like this.... I was struck for this message first time when I read it on a book.

    I recommend OSHO to MJ fans.... It's an incredible yogi with many many books out there and yeah scandals in US press, they made him a monster for Americans.

    He was accused by the US prosecutors of certain things, imprisoned and he barely escaped away from US..... with his health damaged... He was only accepted back to India, his country. All other countries refused to give him refuge.
    Hey buddy!
    I am really sorry for beeing away so long...I just had to take a break. I've had a hard time since I came back home from LA and I just had no inspiration at all and felt like doing nothing. But today I decided it was time for me to come back and I will of corse start with your siggy. I will check my PMs from you and see if I can put it together. If I am comfused about what you want I'll PM you back :)

    Again sorry for vaporising xP But I am back now.
    Hugs! and thanks for your patience!

    I don't remember exactly how I came across it myself.:unsure:

    It must have been by clicking on a post that you made and seeing your profile pic which I recognized.:)

    So reset it and add me already!:D What better way to say goodbye to that forum, if you choose to, then by adding the greatest poster of them all!:D
    Thank you so much for watching and for the nice comment! :hi: Have a magical day!!
    You're welcome!:)

    Go back there at least once more and add me!:D

    Maybe you'll like it so much you'll feel like visiting more often?!:D
    So you always lovingly think of Michael and I 'going at it' with eachother...? I swear, I wanted to pop him one that day! Too funny! :lmao:
    Yup, made me cry too. I'll post it for you then, on your behalf!
    You have a cute little girl!
    She is so cute!:) You look good too and the tat as well.:) You're a very young grandmother so you'll have many years with the grandkids.:)

    You should've posted that in the pic thread so I could rep it.
    yeah, whenever you get any type of injection in your upper arm, do you ever really feel it? Probably not right? :cheeky: It definitely hurt my lower back, you're right, it's cuz of the bone...
    Yeah, it hurt like crazy on the lower back...I had to stop a few times because I almost threw up :puke: but it's always just the outline that hurts the most...And, yours didn't hurt you because of where it is....It's on your upper arm, eh? the deltoid muscle? that's why...
    No problem my dear! :cheeky: This is what I'm gonna get...and in the same spot :D

    OOH! amazing! I see it now on your profile! that's awesome! i'm gonna be getting an MJ tattoo soon as well!
    oooh, really? I didn't know it was in that thread too! Such a gorgeous video! I Love it! Gives me goosebumps...that song is so beautiful; Michael is so beautiful! :heart:

    I'm well, how are you? :D
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