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  • Yeah, I saw the beautiful, gorgeous video of Lady of My Life you posted. Glad I could be of help!
    I'm addicted to Youtube videos ( of Michael only) too. I play patience on the PC while listening to "Michael Jackson - Epitome of Artistry". I love that music and the sound of his voice ( the deeper, normal voice). I have 400 favorite MJ videos in my channel!
    Please post that video of Lady in my life, I'd love to see it!
    Hi Billie_Jean09, Glad you liked the video I posted yesterday. I love it when I find new little gems on youtube about Michael, with Michael and for Michael. Such an amazing man and incredible artist and genius.
    I hope you are doing fine!
    I'm fine, thank you. I hope you are too.:) You should be, after all you're talking to me!:D
    Hi Billie_Jean09,
    You're welcome! It's very easy. When you have a specific youtube video in front of you, at, you can either click on "enclose" ( not sure of the english phrase, as I only see the Dutch word.) You will see something lighting up blue in a box. It starts with <object. Copy that entire thing and paste it in a post using the post reply instead quick reply. The alternative is is to single-click on the video and click on the copy embed video and then you paste it in your post.
    A third method ( without the sizing in the lower right corner) is to take the url at the top and remove everything except the code ( Vrty76&bn890 i.e.) and then you use the BB code ( not sure if they have to be higher case for the Y and the T) One of these should work. Let me know if you get the hang of it.
    Good luck!
    How would he answer?:D
    Alright don't worry :)
    Thanks for the pics again. I'll start working with them soon!

    Take care!
    Hi B_J09!
    Thank you but I dont have a thread in that part of the forum.
    But I love it too!! :D
    Sure, of course, we are here to support each other and learn from each other. Enjoy your Michael-experiences, they are special, aren't they ? Makes you feel special, and you are! :wub:
    Thank you for thinking of me. :hug: I am truly grateful for your friendship. Thank you my dear friend. Many, many hugs and comfort for you. Love always, Fran.
    Thank you very much for your kind words. Wow, full term? That must have been so difficult. I'm sure our babies are playing together now. Take care. :)
    Do not apologize it is ok. :)

    I would like to ask you something since you live in the UK. Do you think it would be realistic for me to think about studying law in England ? I mean, as i told you i dropped outta Uni and would like to go back so i'll be a freshman whenever i come back. Is it too late to apply for next academic year ? If yes could not i start later than those who will go to back to school in september and, as a result finish ma year later than 'em ? Is it realistic in terms of tuition price and stuff ? I mean, do they have financial help for foreigners in England ?

    Have a nice week. :)
    Hi how r u ? I am alive thx for asking. :)

    Here's what i do to post a video:

    Let's take your link, if i had wanted to post the video here, i would have focused on the part after "v=" i.e "VPOYS7FCrNI".

    Step 2:

    paste it between [*YOUTUBE*] and [*/YOUTUBE*] like this: [*YOUTUBE*]VPOYS7FCrNI[*/YOUTUBE*] without the *

    Thats the way i do it here. On maxjax there's a Youtube button if you click on "Go advanced" which will type the [*YOUTUBE*][*/YOUTUBE*] for you.
    Thank you for your kind and generous words. It means the world to me when you can hear the emotion I try to convey. THank you! I miss him so very, very much. I was just reliving his pain, you know, like many of us. Thank you.
    Hi again! I'm ok thanks :flowers: cool that you can write in French a little :D I hope you're enjoying your day :) Take care.
    Hi! How are you ? You speak a bit French :D Do you also write it ? I see you live in England, I've never been there, although it's not far from France.
    Likewise nice to meet you. I can't post as much as I want to but it's cool that we can make sure the 80s stuff gets appreciated. Have a nice day!
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