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  • morning hun ill be able to chat on msn tonight ill be well enough last night i wasnt really well enough to answer anyone just to weak please forgive me
    Ya, I just came across it! They have some really nice ones..Moonball29 makes some nice ones too...I think she has a thread of all her siggy's :D
    Hello! I'm doing well, thanks, and you? I didn't make my siggy, I found it on photobucket! :D
    hey babe its me im sorry about last night i was taken to hospital after fainting i dont remember what i said to u hun but honestly i wasnt ignoring you i swear on my life i had a migraine all day yesterday i guess it all got to much for me as my pain killers werent touching it still a bit unwell now but im getting back to normal slowly have a good easter xxxx
    :wild:haha! Cannot believe I was such a numpty and couldn't work this out til now! Duh! Except you are probably the only person on the whole forum who will now leave me a message! lolol :tease::cheeky::wild::D
    Duh!!! :doh: Just worked out why I couldn't change my font! and add smilies! :clapping::tease:
    your welcome! I hope you had a nice birthday :hug:
    o.k i'll go & see the pictures

    that's o.k take your time o.k your wings will open when your heart tells you o.k

    see yea my friend


    Aw thanks for the greetings, although my account is still screwed up around here.
    Thanks so much for the wishes :) Guess what i have the MJ singlet in you're photo too and i also wear it with a black top underneath! :)
    I am fine i guess, what about you ? I tried to search for your facebook but its hard as there are other people who live where u live etc...... lol.
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