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  • Thank you sweetie. You are a beautiful friend. :huggy:
    I am really sick. I've recently been diagnosed with anemia and my doctor has told me I have a low white blood cell count. I have no energy and I cannot concentrate on anything. I feel like I'm dying. :sad2: I hope you are well. Hugs and much Love to you :heart:
    Thanks! :)

    Well, there must be a lot of pictures that have not been released. I would love to see them all. lol!


    Ash :)
    Hi again! lol!

    Wow!!!! Orianthi???

    How did she get these pictures? lol!

    Well, I think there was a photographer hired to be there recording (photographing) all moments of rechearsals?



    You have more pictures?

    I just know the pictures that are in MJJ Pictures, but I think they are so few. I believe it should be much more out there. I think all these pictures should be in MJJ Pictures. Thanks and keep posting the pictures! See you....



    Hi how r u ? Sorry for disturbing u, i'm searching for my lil half-sister whom i'd like to be in touch with since i havent seen her since i was little. She lives in the US. All i have is her first name, do u know what website i could use to find her plz ?
    Hey how r u ? Did u see what happened to that woman in Connecticut ? Its not that new i guess u heard about it. A woman was attacked by a pet chimpanzee. I didnt post a link in the forum as i dunno if everybody can handle it. Maybe someone already posted it i dunno. Now i do understand what mike was saying when he was saying that he had to get away from Bubbles because of its attitude and power. Lemme warn u, if u watch the video make sure its censored if u cannot handle graphic footages, what the chimp did to her face is hard to see.
    You´re welcome. :) Thank you for the birthday message, and for adding me as a friend. A big hug to you! :huggy:
    I love a lot of classical music, Bach, Beethoveen, Debussy, Joplin. Mozart is my favorite :) I was listening to an artist called chocotiger on youtube who plays some really beautiful pieces on piano. You should check it out! :)
    Hi Jenny. Sorry it took a few days to get back to you. I actually deactivated my fb bc it was all making me depressed. I feel bad because I had about 3,000 people on it and so many emails. It was hard to keep up and I dont think it was very good for my health :( I wanted to help Michael so thats why I added that many people but it got a little out of control. I may in the future convert my stuff to a new website though. Anyway I have been ok just working on making some new music. I've been really busy working on some new pieces especially some classical tunes. Its always good to hear from you!!!! <3 l.o.v.e back!!
    Thank you for your kinds words dear.God Bless you too.TIGHT HUGS
    No need to thank at all dear.We all love and miss the same man.We need to be together more than ever.Our mission starts now.thank you for caring and joining.HUGS
    Hi :) No problem, I'll read it :)
    Take care.
    No problem! :) I m feeling exactly the same! Becoming a member after 25 June doesn't mean we are new fans ;)
    Hi Jen, sorry hun, i went to bed, don't know why cos i can't sleep. Hows you Jen? xxx
    Hi Love, sorry responce has taken so long, we've only just got the internet installed in my flat so am a little back dated on all things. Much Love to you, looking forward to meeting up again for fan day. Xxxx
    Hi Jen, sorry hun, never saw your message, yes was quite a late one lol.
    6 to goooooooooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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