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  • Good to know you are ok Billie Jean09! ;-)

    Michael is always with all of us!! Like an angel watching over us! You just need to believe.
    Hi Billie Jean
    How are you feeling today. I see you've had lots of messages of support, please don't ever feel like you are alone in this - we are all going through it, sometimes we need to reach out to people for help. If you find it too much please get in touch with someone. The most important thing is that we all help each other out. I don't know if you feel it but I can feel something giving me strength to carry on and help others do the same. I know its hard and sometimes you just think whats the point and do I want to go on living in a world without Michael but you made a post about signs that he is well and I believe that he is sending us these signs to give us the strength to continue - Michael will always be with us, his presence is too great to deny. If you need to talk or even meet someone who understands how you feel PM me.
    Hope you are well
    aww I was worried about you, Im glad you are ok. If you ever need to talk dont hesitate to send me a PM. I've felt the same way sometimes but I keep carrying on and trying to be strong. We are all in this together! Love you!!!
    can you feeel this hug though ~?:huggy:(((((((((((((((((sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeuze))))))))
    welcome to mjjc hun .
    I think so, girl!!! I am sure it will be. They will ask you what's in it, and they will write ok on package. They did that when one of my friends sent me aq button from California. OKAY was written on envelope. Do it through your post office though.
    Hiya, Awwww, thank you so much. I've been very depressed over mj's death and your comment made my day. Thanks. :)
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