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  • Hi. Just popping by your page to say hello and hope you are ok! :billiejean:From one Billie Jean to another- he's MJ doing his thing! :D
    hi Billie Jean :ciao: sorry, i wasn't online when you send me that message lol
    Hi how r u ?

    Sorry for disturbing you but since u go to uni i was wondering if u could tell me how u wrote ur cover letter for the uni to accept u. I mean how many paragraphs and what to write in the paragraphs etc,...

    I have to write one in english in order to study law next year. (among other things i will study english and american law)

    Have a nice week. :)

    You should have taken taken them up on the offer! Why not?

    How you feeling today regarding Bronchitis and ear infection :( ?

    I never had Bronchitis poor you :huggy:
    Well, we share the same month :D.
    Aww noo, you're not well? Have you been to the doctor now? I hope you're feeling better soon, yes I know the feeling, its horrible I hate being ill :(
    I have MSN but I don't use it really.. my add is :)
    You know what.. I was flicking through a magazine, I think it was ELLE, and I saw a model who I think looks quite like you. Is it youuuu? :D
    Hellooo :) It entered my mind to send you a message the other day but now I can't remember what it was I had to tell you.. hmmmmm? Anyways, yeh I'm ok thank you.. in a bit of an irritable mood but blahh.. how are you? :heart:
    Well, you said that you did not want to work at mcdonald's right ? That alone should make you motivated, stick a mcdonalds poster on your wall so you can remember you do not wanna end up there, or put a yellow mcdonald's "M" in your wallet. (cut if off a magazine or whatever) Not that i look down on ppl who work there as they are couragous but that is not my dream job either. I'm going from one sh*tty job to another so i know what it is like to have that type of job. Good luck again amiga.
    Oh i see. I was going to ask you if could not do both at the same time (modelong + uni) but i guess it is an idiot questions since you would not have enough time. Good luck with your studies. I do not remember what you would like to become i will go see your thread later on. Again good luck, do not give up when it looks too hard.
    No worries, but watching the video, i asked myself, what is she going to study for ? She could make a lot of money by being a fashion model.
    Hi. I don't run the site, a man called David Garcia does. I can't realy give you a list cause he has over 200 DVDs. And, yes, he does accept PayPal.
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