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  • Hi!

    Are you a member of The Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJFC)? because if you are, it's already posted there on one of the fan discussion threads. But if you're talking about a different site. Please let me know what site. I want Charlotte to know about it first. These were not mine so I feel I need to ask her about it. But don't worry, I'll let you know ASAP:)
    your line is Show Me You Care.
    and your friends is Carry :)
    Thanks so much again.. I should probably be sleeping. Its so late here but im having troubles again :cry:
    i know since i was also feeling same as you.
    yep, he gone and it made me lose my life's direction.
    it also seems so hard to me too, and i believe that it has happened in all of his fans too... you know ,we can't change the truth. but at least we can prayer him and he was well in somewhere in the sky.

    and thx for you hugs^^ of course, i hope you can feel more better.
    since here have someone to support you^^
    I sent you a PM I need more candle pictures too if you have any :)
    oh, i think i'm quite well since i just have a tour from UK.
    but why you feel not well?? can you tell me??
    Hope you well soon...
    5...maybe you felt so strange
    but it's real, i'm also regret about it.
    Before Michael died, i just knew something about him from the mass media,
    and all of the mass media reported things were bad things about him
    so i don't know what real of Michael before~~
    and i don't focus on him anymore...><
    But after he died, i started focus on him again
    i had searched something about him
    and i found that he was the greatest man that i can't imagine
    he not just was "King of Pop" , and also was " King of Charity"
    i hate myself was misleaded by the mass media,
    so that's why i regreted.
    I hope u can understand what i feel and forgive me.
    i 've just only been MJ fans for 1 month,
    i'm regret that i'm too late to be MJ fans...
    i'm a girl^^
    Add me :
    i've something to tell you=]
    hi, i'm also glad that make fd with you too~~
    um...make new friend need any reason ??? I don't think so..
    i'm also just a new member here too, same as you^^
    i'm so far away you, i'm from Hong Kong.
    How are u today???
    Hi girl how are you today? hope you feel ok :) that I donate money to the site
    kis and hug :)
    Hehe, e biết là c mà. MJJNJ gọi chị là Ann mà... Nên e mới qua đây chọc c chơi, ai dè...
    Thanks for accepting ! :)

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