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  • Hey moonstruck87 :hello:
    Pleasure to meet you.
    Exactly, and maybe this general knowledge and empathy could have enriched Tim's quality of life, and could even had saved him. :heart:

    The EDM community isn't (and will never be the same) without him....
    More communication between peers also . He shouldn't have died in vain.

    Hallo, moonstrack, Du bist wieder da.:) Cool. So viele Leute haben in den letzten Monaten das Forum verlassen... Freiwillig oder leider eben auch nicht. Oder sind nur noch ganz selten aufgetaucht. Mal schauen, ob sich in der nächsten Zeit wieder was zum Positiven ändert. LG FMTTM
    LOL at your intention of showin' off his courage lol Don't even mention them rep points. I'm happy to spread the appreciation :)
    Your welcome. Haven't been on for awhile as I'm starting a job hunt. Ugh..
    Good to know you can relate :)

    And since this whole little convo started from rep points related to your posts........ I just saw your latest one in the gold pants thread. You actually missed out something which also needed red highlighting, not just the seriously hard stuff :p
    I just realized I wrote to you the exacttt same thing from almost a year ago. Geeee, what a predictable bore I can be :lol: I hate to do that - to say the same thing twice, especially to the same person lol. You take care and keep postin' cool pics of Michael :D
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